Prime Deceit: What if the Fountain of Youth Fell Into the wrong Hands? (OA's Book Review)

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Prime Deceit: What if the Fountain of Youth Fell Into the wrong Hands? (OA's Book Review)
Book review, 12-5-16 Political satire, fiction
Author, Robert A. Gore (A.K.A. straightlinelogic) 139 pages, ISBN 978-0-692-78335-1

I really enjoyed this well written, short novel. It was a real page turner, compelling and short enough that I would have read it all the way through in one sitting, were it not for an unavoidable interruption.

The premise of the story is very alluring, but not unimaginable and neither are the characters. It seemed all too plausible and terrible. I found it quite easy to suspend disbelief, root for the heroes and despise the villains. After only a few brief chapters into the story all I wanted, no, NEEDED, was a satisfying ending and it delivered! I would definitely recommend it.

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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 4 years, 11 months ago
    I just finished SLL's book as well. I am passing it down to a colleague who teaches bioethics at Florida Tech, including to my daughter next term. It's a small world.
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    • Posted by $ 4 years, 11 months ago
      Hello jbrenner,
      Good plan. Ethics? Good to know. The way the world is going one might wonder if anyone is still teaching such to our youth. It would seem that today too many parents are AWOL on that issue.
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