Prime Deceit: What if the Fountain of Youth Fell Into the Wrong Hands?

Posted by straightlinelogic 7 years ago
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What if the Fountain of Youth fell into the wrong hands?
Researcher Ted Wirth and his team of scientists discover a hormone (PHF) that greatly extends the lives of lab mice. The National Institute of Aging Research (NIAR), a government agency, hijacks their research and their mice. The team is told to "forget" the project and never disclose it, under threat of dismissal or worse.
A NAIR experiment at a secret facility confirms that PHF can turn back the clock. President LLoyd L. Lochness sees all sorts of possibilities for PHF. There's one huge catch, which doesn't stop Lochness and his minions from concocting a sinister conspiracy.
Two mysterious incidents launch the government's plot. Ted and his boss, Heather Lindholm, suspect a sordid subterfuge. Blogger Carlos Valencia and his computer genius son, Peter, poke holes in the official story.
When the NIAR asks for help from Ted, Heather, and the scientists, the team plays a dangerous game. Will the conspirators meet their outrageous demand?
Robert Gore's dark new satire skewers government, corruption, war, and other idiocies. For more information about Prime Deceit, visit his website at

From Prime Deceit:
Coeur d'Alene was the kind of junket the rich and powerful strove mightily to keep away from the media: three days of sybaritic schmoozing that gave influence peddling a bad name. A cabinet secretary and a Supreme Court justice, select senators, representatives (including the Speaker of the House), and bureaucrats, the governor of Idaho, and last, but certainly not least, the executives and lobbyists who were paying for it all would stroll the verdant fairways and manicured greens of the Coeur d'Alene Resort course (one green, reached by boat, floated on the lake), dine on gourmet fare, slurp expensive alcohol, and enjoy Las Vegas-caliber entertainment and prostitutes. It was billed as a conference so the sponsors would get a tax break. Guest speakers would make presentations on Important Topics, including Poverty and Powerlessness, and had to finish twenty minutes before the first tee times upon pain of not being invited to the next shindig if they didn't. Attendence at the presentations was strictly optional.

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  • Posted by Joseph23006 7 years ago
    It may already have since we have (so called) educated adults of voting age acting like spoiled children who throw a temper tantrum when they don't get to play with a toy they want, that toy is our government!
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  • Posted by $ Radio_Randy 7 years ago
    Fountain of Youth...I read a short story on this possibility, a while back.

    A process, known as "Reju" was found, allowing those (with money) to stop the aging process, completely, though it had to be redone, periodically.

    The cool thing about it was that artists, like musicians, could perfect their abilities while still "young".

    The down side was that it made you sterile, but if you wanted children, you simply stopped renewing the process. However...children and reproduction were totally outlawed and there were "police" squads created that routinely hunted down and eliminated families that were found...adults AND young children.

    For some reason, though, some people continued to choose procreation over Reju and the story leaves you wondering...
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  • Posted by BeenThere 7 years ago
    Coeur d'Alene is one of two liberal pockets in Idaho; the other is Sun Valley (actually, the town of Ketchum).
    In 2014 elections, "outsiders" (Californians) infiltrated and tried to "turn" the state.......didn't work.
    Ketchum (Sun Valley resort is a few miles NE) is the only place I have ever been that I actually felt a pall of "unwelcome"; haven't been back since.
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