Atlas Shrugged movie - now non-fiction

Posted by $ jlc 8 years, 7 months ago to Movies
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Here is a quote from a Fox News article that sounds like a movie setup for Environmentalism clamping down on new developments in petroleum transport and forcing the use of railroads for that purpose.

"But Republicans, Canadian politicians and the energy industry touted what they said were profound economic benefits -- thousands of U.S. construction jobs and billions injected into the economy. They argued transporting crude by pipeline would be safer than alternatives like rail, and charged Obama with hypocrisy for complaining about the lack of investment in U.S. infrastructure while obstructing an $8 billion project."


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  • Posted by $ HeroWorship 8 years, 6 months ago
    We (royal) stopped nuclear power, then complain about how the 21st century doesn't have flying cars.

    Imagine a world with 10,000 nuclear power plants, 10x times more efficient than current versions, including local innovations, thorium, etc. Imagine 100x our current power consumption.

    Energy unlocks all doors.

    People want golden eggs, but want to throttle the goose.

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