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Location: Benicia, CA
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Mark Michael Lewis is The Profitability Coach, an consultant, author, and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience creating an ever-increasing Thriving for entrepreneurs and leaders. I integrate Ayn Rand's philosophy into my coaching practice, the books I have written, the online programs I teach, the relationships I create, and the daily Thriving that is my life. I translate the fundamental philosophy into everyday terms through a coaching methodology I call The Game Of Thriving (where The More You Play, The Better Your Life Gets. ;). Ms. Rand provoked and inspired me to examine the Reality of my relationships in life - my relationship to work, to society, to money, to my body, to my friends and family, to my emotions, to my values, to my mind, to consciousness itself. By applying Reason and taking Responsibility for my Thriving (including the Thriving of the people and communities that I value), I express my Respect by Realizing my highest vision of what is possible. It is real. It is possible. It is ours. However, we must claim it by tapping into our deepest love and strength and becoming the Ayn Rand Hero we, in our hearts, desire to be.