We need more "NO"

Posted by $ winterwind 6 years, 2 months ago to The Gulch: General
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Now, we all "know" what we need a lot more of, or a lot less of, in America, and some of us say so. so do I.
we need more NO from people who weren't elected.

take, for example, Light.
This one, inventors and manufacturers and retailers already solved.
You want light? YES, we can do that.
YES, we can make light bulbs. and we can make them cheaper. and YES, different strengths is a good idea, and oh, YEAH - we'll make them be daylight bulbs, so that you can see the real colors of things, and not have to wait until morning to see if those crystals match that fabric. How about fluorescents? YEP. and if you want, we can make those fluorescents in warm color or cool color.
YES, if that's what you'll pay for, that's what we'll make.
and they did, and THEY did, and, as a very thick and famous book said, there was light.

there was also government.
and government said NO.
You can't have all those kinds of lights. You can only have expensive lights that make everybody look like zombies.
and consumers and retailers and manufacturers said "That's dumb.
We're supposed to get better goods at lower prices, not government-approved, less pleasant....well, bads...at higher prices."
But the bowels of government had moved,
and there was a Law.
Let's skip ahead from that vision to today. or tomorrow.
A few people are starting to experiment with that other word: NO.
They're starting to say not only NO, but No, this is Dumb.
We _like_ a 24-hour-a-day, 3-shifts world. We _want_ a world in which you can get in your car and zip down to the store for a quart of milk at 11:30 at night. We will _pay for_ a light bulb that lets us work efficiently at night.
We have had a world in which there is light. good light. cheap light. and innovations in light, and we're _going_ to get it back.
What I think we need now is a louder voice, not just _more_ citizens who pay the salaries of those dumb guys who come up with the dumb ideas, but the retailers who pay their salaries and send them campaign contributions need to start saying NO, we're not going to sell your shit.
Manufacturers who pay their salaries and send then campaign contributions and buy tables at expensive dinners need to start saying NO, we're not going to shovel your shit and help you force it on people.

We are going to make what people want. and furthermore, we are going to make what makes sense in a 24-hour-a-day-world,
which is a cheap, reliable, pleasant light bulb, and YES, that's ok, you can put our press officer who just said the same thing I'm saying in jail. We'll just appoint another one [the first guy needed a vacation from the twins anyway]
and this new guy will also say NO,
nobody but you wants your new and improved fluorescent bulbs that make everybody look like zombies and are really expensive,
and we want our customers to say YES.
customers want to live a 24-hour-a-day world, and they want cheaper products, and they will pay us for that, and we won't have to go to any dumb dinners, either.
and maybe....just maybe we have a chance to hold the government down, give it the Imodium and get this shit stopped,
it's just plain dumb.
kinda makes you wonder why the government wants it to be darker.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 6 years, 2 months ago
    "kinda makes you wonder why the government wants it to be darker"

    Because they are racists?

    Seriously, I agree with your idea.
    The only way to get it in this country peacefully, is to destroy all the DemRep candidates at the polls from the highest to the lowest levels and all between. Only a completely new outside voice that supports individual liberty and individual sovereignty can say No to the statist structure and disassemble it at all levels.
    Otherwise, we need a real Gulch and a way to defend it from the US military (controlled by statist politicians and banksters.)
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