The Preludes, a novel by John Caedan

Posted by JohnCaedan 2 years, 11 months ago
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The Preludes
A novel of a striver breaking out of frustration into his power. But here comes a magnificent woman, a distracting challenge right in the middle of everything. Perfect timing.

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I am John Caedan, writer, composer, and Objectivist for many decades. During sojourn in life, this truth came to the forefront, gradually: I am an artist, and I must write the characters blossoming in my imagination. They always seemed to be having lunch with someone like Reardon, or focusing as intensely as Roark to get a project right, or becoming solid friends with a Dagny-peer.

My characters appear only in their own stories, of course. I would never touch Miss Rand’s characters or storylines.

I’d like to show you the results. My novel The Preludes, particularly, I recommend to your attention.

Home page:

Thanks for looking in on my project. I hope to entertain.

John Caedan

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