Forced Vax for You + Rent Control

Posted by Abaco 9 months, 3 weeks ago to Government
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I made two predictions that just came true . The lawmaker here in California who authored the forced vaccination bill for kids has come out with a resolution stating that adults are undervaccinated and we'll have to get them caught up. And...get this...without a peep from the media on this until today - a bill is heading to the governor's desk this morning for statewide rent control.

I predicted we'd be doing these things here. I hate being right. I do expect the adult vax bill in the near future.

I repeat that what happens here usually passes to other areas of the nation where there's a population that's just receptive enough for it. This governor is very charismatic and has good take note. Also, pocahontas may very well be the dem candidate and she's a collectivist. So, take note. And, get ready to roll up those sleeves and pull down those pants.

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