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I normally come into the office very early - 6:30. Today I was instantly joined by several coworkers because their power is out (per the news coverage) "for days, perhaps weeks". Why? Oh they expect some wind. I told my wife this morning when she asked about it..."This is out of Atlas Shrugged."

Oh, and after the dolt taxpayers voted for a gas tax because the roads are a mess (probably the 3rd tax piled on) der leader decided to shift all that money to saving the environment. So, I whipped out my calculator and realized that I'm paying $190 more per month here just to gas up our 2 cars, vs what my family in Nevada pays.

I don't know why this all makes me chuckle. But, I find something really funny about it all.

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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    It's no wonder that the petition to recall Newsome is going like gangbusters. The promoter was shocked that it hit over 200,000 signatures within a few days. She figures they are on a path to get over 2.5M signatures, well over the 1.5M needed to put the recall on the ballot. If they do succeed in getting rid of Newsome, I'm wondering who would want to try to perform some overdue course correction for California while facing the impossible job of fighting a legislature that should be wearing strait jackets.
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