Papa Possum: Satire, well deserved.

Posted by Eudaimonia 9 years, 2 months ago
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In late 2008, as a thoroughly unremarkable New Englander with a slight knack for verse, I began to chronicle the descent of these United States into the night of socialism.

With satire as a weapon and verse as a mnemonic, an Everyman character - Papa Possum - came to be.

Seven years later, the Possum is still saying what we wish those in power had the guts to say.

So, come read the Possum's well deserved skewering, in verse, of our ridiculous ruling class.

Papa Possum's New World Nursery Rhymes
Political Poetry for Traitorous Times

SOURCE URL: http://www.papapossum.com/?ad=gulch_marketplace

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  • Posted by ReneeDaphne 7 years, 1 month ago
    Dear Eudaimonia
    Thank you for your verses - Martingale was really obtuse until my husband looked up the word. I'm still too thick to get it but just kinda. Will look at more of them before I pass any judgement :-) However, could you try a little favor for me and the future of freedom by changing your description of those who would enslave us ("the enslavers"). The words ruling and especially "elite" have wonderful meanings to aspire to and admire in others. The enslavers have none of these qualities. Could you please call them who they are and not disgrace these fine words by associating them with such unmistakably worthless semi-human beings. Thanks for your consideration.
    kindest regards
    Renee Daphne
    *edited to replace first "such" with "these" for a better reading experience.
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  • Posted by $ MichaelAarethun 8 years, 5 months ago
    Even if the theory of the cosmic accident is proven the question remains what provided the material required for such an accident. If 'the accident' by any other name wanted me to know 'the void' would invent somebody to figure it out and if 'the creator' was thus identified fine by me. In the meantime I'm not afraid of the dark and that includes the unknowable. I am, I observe, I draw conclusions and rate them ethically. Nothing else is needed. Except a good science fiction book now and again.
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