Game of Thrones and a Utopian Dream

Posted by $ Solver 1 year, 1 month ago to Philosophy
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Interesting and thought provoking 10 minute video relating Game of Thrones to today’s utopian visionaries.
(Warning!!! Game of Thrones spoilers!)

Queen Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons, flying high above her loyal armies, determined to smash the wheel of power, with fire, freeing the world from tyrants and breaking the chains of the people, by following her call of destiny to bring about a new utopia to Westeros.

(So how did that work out?)

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  • Posted by exceller 1 year, 1 month ago
    Game of Thrones has a message for progressives:

    "If your cause is just – and Daenerys aims at nothing less than the liberation of the entire world – then “small mercies,” such as pardoning Tyrion Lannister or, for that matter, the entire city of King’s Landing, have no place.

    “I saw them executing Lannister prisoners in the street,” her enraged lover, Jon Snow, shouts as he finally confronts his queen.

    “It was necessary,” she replies coolly.

    And what about Tyrion? Jon presses. “You can forgive him. You can forgive them all.”
    Jon is pleading but not for the life of his friend, Tryion.

    At this point, he knows he may have to kill Daenerys to spare the world a tyrant with limitless power. He is pleading for the life of the woman he loves.

    “Please, Dani!”

    Daenerys smiles at Jon.

    “We can’t hide behind small mercies,” she says.

    And then Daenerys explains to Jon the progressive philosophy that directs her actions.

    “It’s not easy to see something that has never been before,” she tells him gently, “a good world.”

    “How do you know it will be good?”

    “Because I know what is good. And you know, too.”

    Jon pauses.

    “What about everyone else, the other people who think they know, too?” he asks.

    Daenerys looks at him.

    “They don’t get to choose,” she says simply.

    This has been the progressive worldview since at least the time of Lenin: the elite know best and the deplorables don’t get to choose.

    When the true and the good believe they alone stand for justice, they alone know what is good, then everything is permissible.

    You can spread deliberate lies against your opponents, as the Democrats did with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the MAGA-hat-wearing Covington Catholic kids.

    You can physically attack your political opponents in public places, as happened to members of the Trump administration over the past year and to U.K. politicians last weekend.

    You can even use the entire surveillance apparatus of the U.S. government to spy on your political opponents – as it now appears top intelligence officials in the Obama FBI and CIA did in 2016 and 2017.

    After all, when only your side is just, and only you know what is good, then your opponents don’t get to choose. They must simply do what they’re told."

    Warren, the esteemed progressive candidate said she was very disappointed in the ending b/c she wanted to use the "principles" from the series in her own candidacy.
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  • Posted by Lucky 1 year, 1 month ago
    Well I do not watch youtube but contribute this quote of George Kennan dealing with what happens when altruism is put first,
    The Long Telegram of February 22, 1946, George Frost Kennan, US diplomat historian

    In this dogma, with its basic altruism of purpose, they found justification for their instinctive fear of outside world, for the dictatorship without which they did not know how to rule, for cruelties they did not dare not to inflict, for sacrifices they felt bound to demand.

    In the name of Marxism they sacrificed every single ethical value in their methods and tactics. Today they cannot dispense with it. It is fig leaf of their moral and intellectual respectability.

    This is why Soviet purposes must always be solemnly clothed in trappings of Marxism, and why no one should underrate importance of dogma in Soviet affairs
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