Socialist Memes to spread around.

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 8 months, 1 week ago to Culture
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Socialism/Communism/Marxism and Progressivism is Not for the people, the value creators or producers; it is specifically for the Parasites, the worst and least qualified, so that they can be rich and in power because they cannot create nor produce value. This is the enigma inherent in Democracies, it is Mob Rule or Minority Rule.

This is the definition of Kakistocracy or as I like to state, Ruled by the Great Unwashed.

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  • Posted by $ pixelate 8 months ago
    Hey OUC -- thanks for the continued mirthful moments.
    I need to take exception with the first one though -- regarding Socialism, Capitalism and the Caravan.
    I think that the Caravan's parasites are heading to the United States for the purpose of enjoying the vast swath of Socialist programs that will be lavished on them after their arrival -- including the health care, education, placement in lodging, food allowances, legal services, etc.
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  • Posted by $ puzzlelady 8 months ago
    Good work, Carl. As for the Monopoly game, here's what it evolves into: no one wants to buy because they can't afford anything alone. But two or more players can join up as investors and pool their resources to buy anything. Remember that everyone starts out with an even number of dollars, and those stay in the game. So little corporations form as joint owners, and individuals can still choose to invest. And they can then negotiate the price of houses and of rent with the owners, not go by a laid-down rule.

    I played Monopoly almost daily with friends in my youth, and it always bothered me that the point of the game was to destroy the other players, not just to do well for oneself. And the losers lost through bad luck, not bad judgment. And they had no alternative to turn to after losing at that particular game. One would like real life not to be like that. People build their lives by choice and action, not blind chance. All this recent talk of "flourishing" should not depend on one person gaining by plunging someone else into loss. Predation is not ethical. Reread Galt's Oath a few times.
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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 8 months ago
    Dear OUC, I love your posts but we need something more here. These accusations against Trump are accusations against all of us. It is time to show these hateful bigots that we are the Patriots! I resent being accused of something I am not doing.
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    • Posted by $ 8 months ago
      You are correct!...some memes tell that story but are way too serious and less profound.
      I don't know why that is but many could not get the inferences anyway...they have no view of the big picture.
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  • Posted by $ exceller 8 months ago
    "Socialism/Communism/Marxism and Progressivism is Not for the people, the value creators or producers; it is specifically for the Parasites,"

    The communists called them the "lumpen proletariat", in the name of whom the majority of the population were terrorized.

    The name was "the dictatorship of the proletariat".

    The slogan is: "Proletars of the world unite".

    That is the dream and the ultimate goal of the lefty swamp.
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