Impeachment: A good thing? And for Whom?

Posted by fivedollargold 5 years ago to Politics
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Nancy Pelosi is in a quandry. Her more radical colleagues in the House, the media, and the lefty money barons are pressing her for an impeachment vote. YET, the thought of this must be causing sleepless nights for Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and several other Deep Staters. Fivedollargold is of the opinion that this would backfire on the Demonscats. Not just because vindication in the Senate might re-elect Trump, but because the scenario of a tanned and rested, Tre;y Gowdy, as the President's attorney cross-examining Mueller and the Deep Staters would be a disaster for these conspirators. Which of them would be forced to plead the Fifth on national television? Your thoughts?

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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 5 years ago
    Here's the thing. We know Dear Maxine is delusional, AOC should sit down and listen, Pelosi is trying to straddle the fence, and Beto is trying terribly hard to get attention. But this is so tiring! Can't they find some real work to do? Or, they should refund their salaries, if not.
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