Youngest member of the Gulch?

Posted by $ mminnick 3 years, 3 months ago to Pics
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5th Grandchild

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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 3 years, 3 months ago
    I never gave kids a second thought, in any context, because I was never into babysitting, teaching, or anything of the sort. Then once I had kids, my whole view changed. I got this odd feeling of protecting all children, as if it were encoded in my genes to make sure they thrive.

    I feel an overwhelming feeling of hope at my seeing my kids, who are not 8 and 10, discover the world. I am surprised how philosophical ideas I learned in Ayn Rand's books come naturally to them. They figure them out without their parents ever lecturing about them. They both understand, more than some adults, about the concept of how the plenty in our society comes from people freely choosing to help one another in exchanges that work for both parties. I'm certainly biased, but I'm just amazed at how fast kids soak up knowledge.

    Seeing that little baby makes me think of my kids a few years ago. I like he's wearing a John Galt shirt. That generation, left free to do what they want and free from hitting and steal, what they might not accomplish with modern tools is unimaginable. When he's my age, I'll be at the very end of my life if some random misfortune doesn't get me first, and he'll probably be in a world prosperous beyond our ability to imagine.
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