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    Posted by IamTheBeav 6 years, 9 months ago
    I don't post here much, as I usually just lurk and read the comments of others. That said, I felt like this one was necessary.

    I had no idea who Ayn Rand was or what her writings were about until I was turned onto them by some friends. After reading Atlas Shrugged, I can't say that my mind was really changed on anything so much as the ideas that I always believed in were reinforced. I have also always been impressed by how prescient she was in a book from the 1950s. When I read Shrugged for the first time, I remember watching the news and seeing her words play out in real life day in and day out. Anyway, the impression that her work has left on my life has been incredible, and I am the better man for it.

    With that in mind, I want to thank the people who are making these films for bringing it to the uninitiated out there in an easier to digest format. If you can make an impact on people's lives with these films the way the book did for me, then you know you're doing good work. Again, thank you.
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  • Posted by terrycan 6 years, 9 months ago
    The producers nailed it. Just showed it to my wife. She said it looks like the best one yet.
    Love the transition from Part II to Part III. The same airplane clipping the trees does it perfectly.
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  • Posted by corruptedbuffer 6 years, 9 months ago
    The trailer is great. I didn't read AS until a few years ago, after I finished playing the Bioshock video game. I just had to read the story that (loosely) inspired such an awesome game, so I started reading, and couldn't put it down. I'm looking forward to this final installment of what, for me, is one of the most impactful novels I've ever read. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing AS to the big screen; I watch the first 2 movies all the time!
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  • Posted by Kimi33 6 years, 9 months ago
    I'm tremendously excited about Atlas Shrugged Part 3. As IamTheBeav posted, the book made impacted me greatly and over the years I've tried to share it with others. For some, the book was too daunting to read. Selfishly, for me, I LOVE seeing the story unfold again on screen, and hopefully it will reach the people who found the book too long. (unbelievable to me, really, but it's not my life) Anyway, Ayn Rand, and her work taught me about living with integrity, intention and dedication. I am grateful to the producers and everyone who have seen this vision through.
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    • Posted by Tag25Ludlow 6 years, 9 months ago
      The book was daunting to read because they thought it would be daunting to read. It is hard going at times. Some people might be offended at the portrayal of women. Some might think Rand is too intellectual. But the book is worthwhile.
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  • Posted by StephanieJF 6 years, 9 months ago
    I am usually just a wallflower here in the Gulch, but I just had to say how extremely eager I am to see Part III! Thank you to all of the producers, cast, and crew who put in the time to make this a reality. I'm in the midst of reading Ayn Rand's masterpiece for the I've-forgotten-how-many-th time (I'm actually in the middle of John Galt's speech) and it never fails to sink in more and more each time. I hope this movie adaptation will hit home for many people in the public. Thanks again!
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  • Posted by jepatton 6 years, 9 months ago
    So excited to see this! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for my Blue-Ray to arrive. The nearest theatre is 80 miles away and my vehicle is having problems.
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  • Posted by johnpe1 6 years, 9 months ago
    Thank You All. this is delicious. I had not heard
    Kris's reading voice -- it is great!!! -- j

    p.s. where do I get in line to buy DVDs for self
    and friends?

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  • Posted by plusaf 6 years, 9 months ago
    That looks like the best trailer yet! Great job! Good messaging and slice of the book portrayed, along with the usual tantalizing hints.

    Looking forward eagerly to the movie and my copy of the Blu-Ray (and maybe seeing MY face on the screen in the "I am John Galt" section!
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  • Posted by bwisok 6 years, 9 months ago
    This one really looks good, the Dagny is young enough and definitely hot, and also with gravitas sufficient to play the role. The John Galt is not my mental image at all--my image of Galt is much more lean and angular, tenor range voice--but appears to be a fine actor, and I can definitely adjust to his more robust physicality and baritone voice.

    I'm really beginning to get excited about III. I had minor objections to I (the Ellis Wyatt and Hugh Akston actors, mainly, or the writing of their lines and how they were delivered) and more substantial objections to II with the Dagny actor being quite good, really, but far too past prime physically, even cherubic. Apart from that II is just not memorable.

    Still more pluses than minuses. And worthy production, kudos all around. The timing of III could not be better, and I'm totally looking forward to being at the local premier. I'm rather post-Randian in my thinking these days (, but we cannot forget her vision of heroic individualism that stands to restore the modern world from decades, even centuries, of New World Order consensus-reality rot.
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  • Posted by $ Temlakos 6 years, 9 months ago
    All it needs is Project X to be complete. But if it had to let that go, it kept everything else: the propaganda film, the great speech, and the clarion call to freedom.
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  • Posted by Jim1Wood 6 years, 9 months ago
    I need subtitles. The actors' elocution is poor. i.e. slurred words. I can tell roughly what was said because I've read the book 4 times.

    O'bungler is the proof of the pudding....
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    • Posted by $ MikeMarotta 6 years, 9 months ago
      The elocution is fine. Your hearing is tuned for a previous decade. Seriously. The town called Lugdundum is now called Lyon. The town called Caesar Augustus is now Saragossa. But that took centuries. We have sped up the process. It would kill you with boredom to sit through the First Continental Congress. If you talked, they would hardly understand you; most of what you say would fly right by.

      (And then there's the hearing loss with age, even for "young" people. You know when you hear a single high-pitched note in your ear? That's a nerve dying and it carried a vibration you will never hear again.)
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      • Posted by Jim1Wood 6 years, 9 months ago
        I agree there's clarity loss via the aging process. Thanks for the history lesson. Maybe you were there?

        Try DVDs with subtitles. When the background music or other noise drowns out speech you'll still know what's said.
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      • Posted by Hiraghm 6 years, 9 months ago
        I could probably communicate more clearly and easily with any member of the First Continental Congress than with the average modern teenager.

        It's not that language has evolved... in the past 50 years, it's devolved. From a fine-honed instrument for conveying meaningful ideas, to a blunt club for expressing vague emotions and trite, pre-digested catchphrases.
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  • Posted by cruze2005 6 years, 7 months ago
    Their are many things that make this series tough to watch but in order to do this book the real true justice, it needed a bigger budget and a larger frame work.

    I love the book, have read it twice and am in the process of reading it to my 6-8 year old who whilst don't understand the complexities of the meaning, are absorbing some of the details.

    This book, like Lord of the Rings, has too much information and so much has been missed in an effort to paint the general story. The changing of characters and the flow from Part 1 to Part 2 was just horrible. My biggest gripe with Part 2 was the simpliest thing: Richard Halleys Fourth "Concerto" was relabelled "Rhapsody". I mean WTF, really.

    This 3rd trailor for what its worth looks like it has gone from Steam engine trains, to high tech trains back to steam engine trains. Im not sure what Ayn would say about it if she were alive.
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