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I hate ever reading the Fountainhead back in 1994, I disslike Howard Roark. I regret comming to the conclusion that my young self was if not smarter then wiser then my present older self. Served my nation in Bosnia...that went as one can assume fist beeing accused of beeingb semtic, zionist etc and now a facist nazi. Got a phd and teached until the salient purpose of academia became how to best apologize for 1000 years of beeing evil.

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  • Posted by Lucky 10 months, 2 weeks ago
    Interesting introduction.

    I think what you are saying is how many feel now.

    Comment not specific to this introduction-
    There are many reasons why spelling matters, one reason is that bad spelling prevents the reader from understanding what you have written.
    Good spelling is good manners.
    For those who can read English but not speak or write English very well, I suggest use of a translation website or program, and use a spell checker.
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  • Posted by 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    Ps. Pardon spelling. Now adjusting my actions to my words so no longer willing (or for that matter asked to) provide my knowledge to my fellow man. DS.
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