Witch Hunt! Which 2016 candidate is being hunted?

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Let’s look at the Special councils investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 Election.
Rod Rosenstein {RR} appointed Robert Mueller{RM} As special council. This happened Two days after Trump supposedly interviewed Mueller for the FBI Director’s Job. Just After firing Lying James Comey based on {RR} recommendation.
By Law {RM} could NOT be FBI Director because he had already passed the term limit from his past director positions.
Jeff Sessions as AG , Who just barely squeezed by his approval vote. The left did not like him. {RR} on the other hand was almost unanimously approved. So what happened?
Jeff Sessions almost immediately recused him self from the Russian collusion SP council investigation. {RR} second in command takes oversight of the SC.
Then the mental games begin. President Trump starts tweeting about Jeff Sessions most are complaints. He criticizes him mercilessly. The left starts to defend him. In fact soon they start defending Sessions warning Trump not to fire him so as not to interfere with or obstruct what they think is A Trump collusion story that the Evil hags team dreamed up and then implemented.
Trump also starts tweeting about this “Witch Hunt” and that he did not collude with the Russians. BOOM , now the left including the bought and paid for Brainstream media hang their proverbial hat on Muellers SC probe. It has become the lefts ace in the hole. Everyone says “let the investigation run its course”. The Liddell Schift from California and others start leaking, lying and projecting.
Mueller stacks his Team with Clinton sympathizers. Which further locks the left into banking on the Special Council to get Trump impeached. But it could also be a way to keep them busy and out of the resistance platoon.
The SP council gets busy and shuts down the Podesta Group. “Nothing to see here”
Than they go “after” Gen Flynn. It is a weird story from the Gitgo, he admits to lying and pleads guilty. Curiously Flynn is interviewed a few times , well he actually was interview 19 times can you imagine. Flynn is not like Comey who says “I don’t recall “ or “I can’t remember “
What was Gen. Flynn telling them? O well if anyone knows Benghazi and the Arab spring it would be the former head of military Intelligence.
How do you enter evidence? Through discovery.
OK next Paul Manafort, Q said he was a plant. Get him out. He was convicted of tax fraud . No connection to Trump and Russia.
Next Stormy Daniels contributer Michael Cohen.
Who happened to schmooze with a certain Witch HRC. Get him out!
Jerome Corsi a known spy and joined with Alex Jones another operative of Mossad. Charged with lying. Roger Stone charged with lying. The optics show heavy force more than the team getting Osama binLaden. Hmmmm for what? Lying. Has a very visual picture been painted?
This is what happens. Think Strozk , Comey , McCabe , Clapper , the mulefaced turd muffin communist Muslim Brennan. OK
Without the optics , if Trump just started to go after these traitors it would not have been accepted.
Now think about {RR} . He was a darling for the left until they leaked a story about {RR} offering to record Trump in a meeting. They wanted to get Trump to fire him. Did the left figure out the which Hunt dilemma? I think they did. If {RR} fired ,was Trump now obstructing justice ?
He didn’t Bite. Who did collude, no I mean conspire to interfere with a foreign country or two not counting the additional 3 of 5eyes countries to affect the 2016 Presidential Election?
The Witch did.
By Dan O’Brien

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