Coastal Properties to be Confiscated?

Posted by Abaco 7 months ago to Government
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You can find this with an easy google search. You should. Because I didn't believe it when I first read it a few days ago. The California Coastal Commission is looking at granting local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) along the California coast to acquire coastal real estate via eminent domain. Why? Oh, to ensure a smooth, safe transition of the coast as the oceans are surely set to rise, eroding the coastline. How with the AHJs be able to come up with the funding for what is probably the most expensive class of real estate in the world? Oh...they'll generate revenue by renting the properties out.

Think I'm kidding? Nope. Talk amongst yourselves...

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  • Posted by Lucky 7 months ago
    Another good example of the state having too much power.
    If all that is necessary for takeover, (with or without compensation) is relying on the so-called science of climate change, then anything goes.

    Apart from fundamentals about state power, I wait to be shown an example to justify eminent domain, even if there were, the downside would outweigh any upside.
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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 7 months ago
    I left Huntington Beach Ca in 1980 it was getting dangerous then. I can’t imagine the crime today.
    Get out of that nihilistic, self destructing oasis and forge a new life.
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  • Posted by  $  jbrenner 7 months ago
    The feds already used eminent domain to prevent friends of mine from inheriting land adjacent to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan from their parents under the same premise.
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