Feel the Quickening?

Posted by Abaco 3 months ago to Culture
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I'm curious if you feel it too. Lately I've seen a lawmaker implying that an undocumented immigrant committing a crime isn't a criminal. The world will end in 12 years. That private health care insurance should be eliminated. That after a child is born the mother and doctor (after making the baby warm and comfortable, of course) will discuss whether or not to kill the baby. When pointing out that somebody's DNA test clearly demonstrated that they weren't American Indian, the President was told he was attacking American Indians by that person.

So...what in the hell is going on? Have we finally placed logic on the alter and carved its beating heart out? I can't help but see this stuff as some sort of quickening - towards what, I'm not sure. (and, sorry for the poor grammar...I'm eating my lunch while typing...)

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  • Posted by  $  Solver 3 months ago
    Welcome to the postmodern age. Programming SJ followers of anti-logic needed for political correctness and identity politics to fast track feel good socialism.

    It has become a battle to save the faculty of reason itself.

    The question is, what are the winning strategies?
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 3 months ago
    I think you are listening to people paid to get you fired up. Even if you're smart enough to see through it, it affects you. It's like kids hanging around with kids who have issues. Part of it rubs off. The same thing happens with adults.

    It's interested to call it a quickening. It does seem like the world is changing faster. Even a few hundred years ago, people could expect their grandkids to live in a similar world and do similar jobs to what they did. That's not true at all anymore, and it does feel like it's accelerating. When I was a kid I felt like everyone knew the cliche that atomic power could be a case of our technology exceeding our wisdom. People felt like there had been two world wars, and there was bound to be a third soon. Now new technologies offer even more promise and more danger, but I feel like we're more complacent... not respecting the potential danger.
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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 3 months ago
    We thought we understood that the quickening was an evolution into greater awareness, a higher state of consciousness and a greater use of the mind...BUT observable evidence shows the opposite ...the "Quickening" is the ever increasing loss of brain power and a dissolution of what was once the mind...

    In other words...de-evolution!
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