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Stan Lee is dead at age 95.If his chosen field had been other than comic books he would have been hailed as a creative genius. My son met him while putting on a comic convention. We became aquainted with him and spent many an afternoon having lunch with him. Every innovation from graphic novels to movies were either thought up by him or innovated by him. His untiring effort to turn comic book superheroes into movie icons was a struggle that took many years, but once those characters burst upon the big screen they soared up with the really big money makers. Rather than saying "I told ya so, he insisted that he appear in every Marvel Studio movie. It was an aspect of his unremitting sense of humor. Farewell swee prince, may the earth lay lightly upon you.

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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 1 year ago
    An Image to look up to and the desire to emulate the moral and ethical character is very important in American life and the early days, his novels and comics bolstered what was already the dreams of the inner child within us to be moral and ethical.
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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 1 year ago
    A true Icon in American culture. RIP
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    • Posted by 12 months ago
      Here's a true Stan Lee story which gives you an insight into his forever young attitude. My son got his start in business by putting on comic book conventions at age http://16.At one of them, Stan was in town and decided to pop into it. Big Thrill!! After perusing the hall filled with collectors, both buyers and sellers, he sat down with my son. When he asked my son's name which was Stuart. Stan, a bit hard of hearing , thought he heard "Thor." Of course Stuart corrected him. But subsequently he and Stuart met a number more of times at various comic book related events and every time Stan called him Thor and we finally stopped correcting him.
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