The defense for freedom of speech is simple—Defend it for the people you hate if you expect to be able to use it yourself

Posted by  $  Solver 10 months ago to Culture
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Groups of Anti-FA (AKA Antagonizing FAscists) are not happy that THEIR freedom of speech has been curtailed,

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  • Posted by PeterSmith 10 months ago
    Well, I think the first step in defending "freedom of speech" is actually understanding the concept.
    PayPal shutting down accounts, is not a free speech issue, that IS free speech on the part of PayPal.
    It's also freedom of association, property rights and many other individual rights.
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  • Posted by  $  exceller 10 months ago
    Well PayPal closed down 3 on the left and two on the right.

    I bet they never imagined closing ONLY the left. IT is typical how the left terrorist protest.

    That is why I am of the conviction that defending freedom of speech for the terrorists on the left is useless. The more you "turn the other cheek" the more emboldened they become, going as far as threatening the FOX anchor's home and family like the KKK has done in the old days.
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