Climate Change Madness

Posted by Owlsrayne 1 year, 10 months ago to Science
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Climate Change Madness
In doing my own research on the internet it seems that the Gov’t Climate Report is based on questionable modeling. Here is a list of possible factors they might have missed.
1. The Output of the Sun in relation to changes in Earth orbit.
2. Urban Heat Island Effect.
3. Deforestation of the Siberian Steppes ie, Batagaika Crater; Methane release? Russian scientists have found from the layers of the crater that the climate has fluctuated over the past 200K years.
4. Volcanic Activity: 700 active volcanoes worldwide.
5. Possible methane producers:
A. Permafrost melt.
B. Wetlands
C. Forest fires.
D. All animals including humans from biological processes.
E. Dead decaying plant material.
F. Landfills.
G. Wastewater plants.
H. Livestock.
I. Rice agriculture.
J. Termites from SW USA to Africa.
6. Water Vapor.
7. Lightning caused Ozone; heating the upper atmosphere.
8. Giant Plasma Tubes floating in the Ionosphere.
As far as I’m concerned the Gov’t Climate Report wants to blame human activity and very few other factors. Phenomena that is not understand or researched won’t be put into the computer generated models. So, blame the humans!
I’m currently reading “Trashing the Economy” by R. Arnold & Alan Gottlieb; now I see that the Environmental Groups will have a field day with the report.
The following websites is where I have done some of my research:

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  • Posted by $ mshupe 1 year, 10 months ago
    Its amazing how they have no regard for natural complex systems and yet create their own artificial complex systems (internal revenue code, federal register, fractional reserve banking) to justify their existence and omniscience to manage natural complex systems.
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