Something I Don't Get About the Left

Posted by Abaco 11 months ago to Culture
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I have had conversations with several anti-Trump lefties over the past couple years. I repeatedly see something that I find very troubling. For me...the President's young son is off limits. The first lady is too. Even when M. Obama would do goofy, irritating stuff I didn't approve of the public BS people flung at her. That's just me. But, the avid anti-Trump people I know are pretty open that the First Lady and even Barron are fair game. I find this really disgusting. What's more concerning is that there are so many people (based on extrapolation) that feel this way. I'll see a nice tweet by the first lady, followed by the most disgusting insults. She'll thank an African host after a stage of her trip, and the responses are so disgusting. I don't think I'll ever get this. Just in talking to a leftist I'm very close to last night I had to actually point out some of the disgusting things (Henry Fonda) said about Barron and follow up with "where do you draw the line?" The answer? "Well, ah...." Just a total inability to admit that children shouldn't be attacked or threatened.

I mention it because I think it bodes very badly for our country. It indicates we are ripe to take an ugly turn....

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    Posted by rainman0720 11 months ago
    I think a huge portion of the leftist philosophy can be summed up by the phrase "the ends justify the means". They think--no, they BELIEVE--that they know what's right. It doesn't matter to them how they get to "right", as long as they get there.

    Justice Kavanaugh (oh, how I love typing that) is the perfect example. The "ends" were to keep him off the Supreme Court both as the fifth conservative and as a President Trump nominee; the "means" were to destroy him and, as collateral damage, his family.
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    • Posted by BCRinFremont 11 months ago
      “The end justifies the means”. A similar thought from Jean-Paul Sartre and, later, Malcolm X: The goal is to be achieved “by any means necessary.”
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      • Posted by  $  Solver 11 months ago
        BAMN! Where only the goal is important. Commonly used by those with a broken moral compass. If they believe they can reach their goal by killing a million people so be it. But if it is only “neccesarry” to kill half million people...
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    Posted by Mitch 11 months ago
    I think you are selling the militant left way short, it’s not just the family of the president that is fair game, it’s anyone who believes in the individual, personal responsibility and fair and equal justice. I believe that the clear majority of these people are simply sheep following their marching orders from the main stream media as I can’t understand how these people actually believing this stuff, but they do.

    Me and my wife decided to have a drink at a local Indian casino in California. While there, an older woman overheard our conversation and asked to know my opinion; she said she was a reporter from Great Britain. “Okay” I said and then the quick descend into a shallow conversation about Trump. She asked a few questions about our political system and how we needed more than two parties, which I replied that we do, just not popular. She insisted that we only have two… Then she brought up Trump and I clearly knew this was about her opinion. She spoke how we are the embarrassment of the world… The end of the conversation from this woman began with the words “I hope Putin drops the bomb on all of you (meaning on the US as a whole)”. I didn’t take this lightly nor did she mean it, she was out for blood and we left telling the bartender that she had enough. Her face kind of changed when she said that from an elderly woman into a hideous troll. Normally I would write her off as a crazy lunatic, but I have witnessed this kind of behavior from many, not in isolated incident.

    My point, we are children when it comes to irrational thought. The power of the idiot is awe inspiring, we cannot understand it or harness it, it is outside of our understanding but make no mistake, the idiots are useful tools and we are soft metal between the tool the anvil. Not enough of us to even begin to resist. Not being gloom, just the way I see it.

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    • Posted by DrZarkov99 11 months ago
      Thankfully I had a very different conversation when traveling in New Zealand. I was asked how I felt about the president, and I responded that he was a necessary disruption to shake up a stagnant bureaucracy that had forgotten why they were elected. The response from the Kiwi questioner was that he wished they could borrow him for a while. I actually got a better view of Americans there than I do here. Many New Zealanders and Australians are very aware of history, and are absolutely sure that without the deaths of thousands of Americans at the battles of the Coral Sea and Guadalcanal, they would have become Japanese subjects. They were very concerned that despite his statements about a "pivot to the Pacific," Obama was not serious about Chinese encroachment on the nations of the Pacific, and were glad to see Trump letting China know Americans are once again supporting the endangered states in the Pacific.
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    • Posted by 11 months ago
      " Her face kind of changed when she said that from an elderly woman into a hideous troll. "

      Yeah, you see this transition. From that "professor" caught smashing random people over the head with a bike lock, to that guy with pink hair kicking an innocent woman in the head, to the Fonda tweets about abusing women and children...there's this satanic-like trance that is visible on their faces as they strike. I think it's very telling...and shouldn't be ignored.
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      • Posted by Mitch 11 months ago
        You know, what I find telling is that every nut bag initially starts off coming across as a great arbiter, the self-anointed fair and equal judge of all that is worthy of their judgment. Then they will toss you a bone, they will agree with you on some point; the conversation starts and usually descends from here because I won’t bend on my principles. I think they expect that you must agree with them on something as a fair return, this might be how they communicate with each other, I’ll agree with you if you agree with me?

        I just like watching their head explode… The sad part is that these people watch TV and think its all true and accurate.
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  • Posted by  $  Solver 11 months ago
    Could be these the liberal warrior programming centers popping up everywhere and at all grade levels. After my nephew graduated from a liberal humanity studies school, he was so uncivil and irresponsible that my brother had enough and is putting him into a special boarding school for deprogramming.
    (Note that my nephew wants to be a climatologist. I wonder where he got that idea?)
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  • Posted by  $  25n56il4 11 months ago
    I liked your comments. When Mr. Obama was elected, I thought, 'okay, I hope he will be a good role model'. I hesitate to mention how disappointed I was but I would never say anything ugly about a politician's family I didn't like. That's pretty tacky.
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    • Posted by  $  Temlakos 11 months ago
      To that I make one exception: when said family member does something tacky, like taking advantage of taxpayer largesse for vacations, shopping sprees and the like.
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  • Posted by NealS 11 months ago
    They will continue this trend unless there is pushback from someone. If it continues more people will believe it’s just okay. Then our youth will start believing that it is okay to act this way, and feel it's okay to just push people around that they merely disagree with. It will grow and continue to grow until they either are stopped, or until they get their way. Nancy Pelosi, or was it Hillary, even said so, incivility is okay until you agree with me. Should not a majority of civilized people put them down tell them that’s not acceptable? Will it take another law to make it illegal to harass and confront people they don’t even know? The choice is ours, are we going to just ignore, walk away, and ultimately accept this behavior, especially from our representatives, or are we going to do something about it, put a stop to it.

    I don't even approve of the actions of the people in a recent video where Pelosi was being yelled at with profanity and calling her a communist that I recently saw. However a confrontation to this kind of behavior from either side has got to take place or it will just continue to grow. Anyone who is confronted and belittled in a restaurant or public place needs to challenge them in a manner acceptable to a civil society and our laws. What is that acceptable manner, are we actually redefining it today? A half dozen belligerent protestors could surely be stopped if every sane person around them stood up to them and legally threw them out without profanity or other illegal means. Stand your ground as long as it is on the right side of the law.

    I think by just letting these atrocious incidents pass we are only encouraging it. The democrats and the media will later blame us because we allowed it to progress. We discussed this at my coffee group this morning and all (13 this morning) agreed that we would not just let it pass if it happened to us, at least not to our group, and we'd hope to get support from all the others around us if necessary. Here too, I might be concerned because the majority of our group are usually armed, not that we need a reason, but we do have Cougars and other wildlife in the area and a lot of cats and dogs seem to go missing around here. My concern is slight because of the mentality and civility of the group, this is a great bunch. Where do we go from here? Is there anything our Representative can do about it? Oh that's right, some of them are creating the issues, not doing what is necessary to make us civilized again and to protect us. But that too is our fault, we continue to vote them in to create these issues. Maybe we just need robots to make and enforce the laws. I think about Klaatu with his mighty robot Gort from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

    So much of this is related to the laws that are passed against our freedom in order to keep us free. I can relate, being a past rental property owner, to the Landlord Tenant Acts of two different states. It takes forever (6 months) to legally get a dead beat out, they don’t even have to pay during this time, and the government can actually take away your property if the dead beat is engaged in illegal activities such as selling dope from your property. And now we've collectively as a civil society practically taken away the baton therapy from the police while confronting people that break the law. It's going to be really interesting to see how we cope with the pending invasion on our southern border. No matter what is done, it will be reported as Trump being some kind of tyrannical dictator. I will support whatever action he takes, except backing off. We've got the law on our side of this one, if law has any precedence anymore. Do you think the media will ever actually report what the law specifies legally to be done when these invaders try to cross the border line? If you think about it, there's actually got to be a lot of good in a dictatorship. How about a Representative Dictatorship, we give the Representative Dictator permission to actually carry out the law. That might actually prevent an invasion on our border. I content that what those representatives that created these issues is actually treason, and I think the law might be on my side. Then again, I could be wrong, but I had to express my opinion and it just wouldn't stop.
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  • Posted by JuliBMe 11 months ago
    I'm old enough to remember the stories about Germany in the 30's and 40's. "The Sound of Music" and the young boy's hardening of mind when Liesl tried to shush him when they were hiding in the churchyard from the SS made a BIG impression on me. I was age 7 when it came out and I saw it at the theater. Such a subtle scene but it spoke volumes to me about how easy it is for people to do evil. (Not that I interpreted it that way at that time).

    Human nature is human nature. America, obviously, has always had the best system to combat human nature. Ingrained in we Americans are many precepts of due process and civility. However, the left has been setting this up for decades and we are all reaping the whirlwind now. Our foundations of civility were still too strong in the 1960's iteration.

    Now? Who can say?

    The EVIL left MUST be CRUSHED and their holds on "educating" the young destroyed. Or, if not these next couple of decades, some decades in the next 50 years or so, they WILL succeed in destroying that civility AND this country.
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  • Posted by  $  Temlakos 11 months ago
    Well, what did you expect? That's the way the Left works. If they gave the chop to Marie Antoinette and Louis XVII (the Dauphin), what makes you think they'll spare Melania or Barron?

    It's called guilt by association. The Right doesn't play that game. We judge individual cases on individual merits. The Left, not believing in any such concept as "the individual," will cheerfully attack the families and any known associates of their enemies.
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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 11 months ago
    Simple...they have no morals, no ethics, no conscience.
    They lack the ability to view (introspect) their own behavior...that is a trademark of a non-conscious entity.
    How they got that way is another story but we find that on the far left, social justice warriors, marxist/socialist (democratic socialist) and post modernist.
    These ideas and idiot-ologies essentially wipe out the mind.
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  • Posted by  $  dukem 11 months ago
    Based on lengthy experience and more than a few inner scars, I submit that it is impossible to have a logical give-and-take conversation with a leftist. It quickly descends into vitriol, and not on my side. I have had that experience for many years now, even before the recent unpleasantness.
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  • Posted by term2 10 months, 4 weeks ago
    I think it’s easy to explain. The left wants to get rid of trump any way they can. Insult him, insult his family, and insult his friends so that maybe he say it’s not worth it and quit. Then isolate him by attacking anyone who associates with him so that they stop associating with him, and serve as a warning to new people who might associate with him in the future.

    There is nothing off the table
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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 11 months ago
    The turn is in the rear view mirror Abaco.
    You have witnessed it first hand. The homeless drug addicts the mentally ill. How much of that is caused by the cognitive dissonance as a result of ignoring reason. President Donald Trump is finally taking these moronic mockers and rogues on.
    We are in an “Uncivil war” that started in the home stretch of the 2016 election.
    The minor birds will have nothing to parrot when their leaders are being executed. They are evil and evil doesn’t create .Evil twists, distorts, and perverts . They have no ideas or ideals.
    You see that is why they vehemently threw every falsehood they could nightmare up.
    His SC vote will affirm military tribunals for the treasonous cart puller slave drivers.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 10 months, 4 weeks ago
    "I didn't approve of the public BS people flung at [Michelle Obama]."
    "the First Lady and even Barron are fair game."
    These are the same phenomenon. They nasty children stand out more than the silent majority that doesn't care about politicans' efforts to make one another look bad.
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  • Posted by BiggestShoelaces 11 months ago
    As others said, the left has guilt by association and the ends justify the means philosophy.

    I personally don't think anyone is off limits but not by guilt by association, I just enjoy being funny about individuals and think all's fair in comedy.
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  • Posted by  $  BLaramie 10 months, 4 weeks ago
    The First Lady is fair game (remember the Michelle insults comparing her to an ape, criticisms of Nancy Hillary, Barbara & Laura). Barron is off limits until Trump brings him into the fray. Hopefully never.
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