Creator of Dilbert frames the political divide

Posted by  $  Solver 6 months, 2 weeks ago to Politics
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Scott Adams talks about his perceptions of the political divide
His main discussion is in the first 15 minutes, afterwards he answers questions.

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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 6 months, 1 week ago
    As he says, normal people are above that line, getting stuff done, not newsworthy.

    The whole left/right thing is nebulous and not that important to pin down, but I think he has a few of them wrong:
    -Who gets to decide? He says the left says strangers while the right says individuals. I say neither one says individuals. They are parties in the gov't, so they both have an answer of how the gov't decides.
    -He says the right is generally more capitalistic. - I agree with him.
    -He says the left emphasizes Fairness while Republicans emphasizes abundance. --> I actually see a lot of the reverse, with many hardcore cornucopias on what I call the left.
    - He says the right is more for systems, while the left is for goals. - It depends on how you define it. The left is always talking about "the healthcare system".
    - He says the left is more for kindness, while the right is more for incentives. - I agree with this.

    It's also funny that he says the left sees the far right as Nazis while the rights sees the far left as Soros. I'm a huge fan of Soros but consider myself above the line in the boring zone.
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