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I am re-posting this because this forum is acting weird. When I click on the link of the earlier post - it simply forwards to our website? without giving this info:

September, 2018

Downtown Central Las Vegas, NV

$650 month includes primary utilities

Currently we have a single Private Room and semi-Private Bath for rent in a 2 bedroom home. The second bedroom is reserved as a healing room and set up with massage table and crystal bowls. The remaining part of the house is used for kitchen demonstrations and the living room is used sometimes for educational gatherings. So that is the only time the bathroom will not be your own private bath. And overall, you will have a lot of privacy.

We have a simple urban homestead that consists of a triplex and a duplex: Five (5) units altogether. We live with a roommate in one unit and the others are usually rented by hopefully 'like-minded' people. Here's the thing, when I advertise my rentals as being part of an urban homestead, I often get responses from left-wing liberals who do not understand why they might need to contribute money to live in such a place!!!
We are composting, recycling, and establishing dozens of food-producing trees and also have raised beds for seasonal planting, all within walking and biking distance to markets, etc. Additionally, the property is Vegetarian - because in our current toxic environment, that is the best way to preserve your body for extreme longevity and health. (IF you do not agree with this position, I ask that you simple move along and please do not turn this classified into a nutritional debate). Our property. Our rules. And we can always debate diet on another thread, please :-)

I have found it interesting that many people who are attracted to this type of living situation do not understand the Objectivist and self-reliant outlook. The typical young seeker of intentional community has FANTASY vision of how intentional community begins and is sustained in a REAL working environment. As anyone who has ever thought about or tried to start a Galt's Gulch type of commune, you understand it takes capital to get established and grow.

Please pass along this opportunity if you know of anyone interested. Even if this particular room is no longer available, the other units and rooms will be available in the future.

Thank you for reading.

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