FOUNDER Of AMERICAN CAPITALISM, Indispensable Man Of American Independence

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". . . an immensely important part of the founding drama of the country in the story of Robert Morris, the man who financed Washington’s armies and the American Revolution.

He organized a clandestine trading network to arm the American rebels, joined the Second Continental Congress, and financed George Washington’s two crucial victories—Valley Forge and the culminating battle at Yorktown that defeated Cornwallis and ended the war.
The leader of a faction that included Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and Washington, Morris ran the executive branches of the revolutionary government for years. He was a man of prodigious energy and adroit management skills and was the most successful businessman on the continent. He laid the foundation for public credit and free capital markets that helped make America a global economic leader."

This volume is the best integrated account of American Independence .

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    Outstanding And Indispensable Account --

    This volume integrates all elements of the American Independence,
    producing a grand overview of the time to include
    the intellectual-moral battles,
    in which Robert Morris was central and indispensable.
    Robert Morris was the close friend of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Paine.

    Original letters are the foundation of
    much new knowledge presented here,
    invoking the financial, commercial and intellectual reality of
    The American Colonies, and of The United States of
    The Declaration, The Articles Of Confederation and The Constitution.

    Robert Morris crucially influenced -- and signed -- all three founding documents.
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    Robert Morris built the first US NAVY (The Marine Committee) -- and, he was greatly revered by JOHN PAUL JONES .
    ". . . on the Marine Committee. Since early December [1775] the Willing & Morris facility at the south end of Front Street [Philadelphia] had been utilized as a staging area for the converted merchant ships that were to comprise THE FIRST SQUADRON of THE NEW CONTINENTAL NAVY."
    (p. 49)
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