I lost my little Molly Dog

Posted by ycandrea 3 years ago to Pics
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I lost my little Molly dog last month and I sure miss her. I had her for 11 years and she died in my arms in her 19th year of life. I stayed up every night with her those last 4 days of her life. We slept in my recliner with her on my chest. I talked softly in her ear and stroked her brow, sponge bathed her and did everything I could to calm her and let her go in peace. Dogs sure have an impact on our lives, huh? Has anyone else out there lost a beloved dog or cat?

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  • Posted by ProfChuck 3 years ago

    Longer ago than I care to remember
    I had a dog, his name was Digger.

    He understood how to taste life
    Better than any human I ever knew.

    For Digger the world was a place of wonder
    Smells, sounds, cool breezes, he savored them all.

    He loved to explore, and
    He would insist that I join him.

    We lived at the edge of the woods
    It was his favorite place

    As we walked together
    He showed me the wonder of
    A bit of tree bark.
    A wooly bug
    A broken birds egg
    And the sound of a gentle wind in the pines

    And when we were done with our exploration
    He would sleep and dream
    And so would I

    Digger has been gone for a long time
    But I can still see him dream
    And then so do I.

    And sometimes I ask my long gone friend
    Where would you like to go today?

    Chuck Ivie
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 3 years ago
    We've seen three standard poodles (Sally, Bob, and Maggie), a schapendoes (rare dutch sheepdog, Molly), and a wonderful one-eyed mini-poodle rescue (Windy) cross the "rainbow bridge" over the last 25 years. After Windy, I felt like avoiding more heartbreak, but my wife said I was too loving to deprive another dog a good life, so I "doubled down" and rescued a maltese (Bella) and a havanese (Rusty) that had lived together since puppyhood, and the house is full of joy and laughter again. Given we rescued these two at the age of three, I have a feeling these are our last dogs, since these little critters have at least another ten years left. Bella is the cuddler, and has claimed me as her human, and Rusty is a ten pound guard dog, and stays riveted to my wife's side all day.
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    • Posted by $ jlc 3 years ago
      I thought I might go the way of Dobrien and not get any more dogs when Lucifer died...but my mind over-ruled my sore heart: I actually function better when I have dogs swirling around me, so I got more.

      My two two-year-old rescue GSD's are sleeping on the rug in my office as I type this. They are not Lucifer, but they are good companions. Like you - I need someone to sop up the extra love I generate, and who can give true and loyal companionship in exchange.

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    • Posted by Herb7734 3 years ago
      My beagle follows me from room to room, but goes to my wife when she needs to go out. I'm the softie snack person, she's the nurse and comforter. All Bella's decision, not ours.She was a rescue dog and 7 months old when we got her. Her former owners just let her go, tags and all but we had her spayed a brought her shots up to date..So far, she has cost more to raise than both sons combined. Absolutely worth it.
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    • Posted by 3 years ago
      We rescued our Molly too who was a Lhasapoo mix when she was 8 years old. We had a wonderful 11 years with her. We also have 3 more rescues, DeeDee a chihauhau who was 2 years old and now 7 years old, a maltipoo Little Bit who was 8 years old and now 12 years old and Puppy a bichon friese mix who was 1 year old when our grandkids moved to Denmark and gave her to us who is now 6 years old. Me and my husband are in our 60's and will probably rescue a couple more older dogs. We have made provisions for them in case they survive us to be sure they will go to our loving nieces and not back to shelters.
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  • Posted by $ jlc 3 years ago
    I lost the most wonderful dog in the world 15 months ago and I miss him every day. He was the joy of my heart. You are lucky to have had such a fine dog for 11 years - and she was fortunate to have you.

    Here is a poem I wrote about a friend's dog that died (it is shorter than the ones I wrote about Lucifer, so I will not unduly burden you with poetry).

    That bright spark
    Has fallen from the sky:
    The universe has lost some of its glow.
    And we who walk this world, we all know,
    This damned, unplanned, good-bye
    Leaves us dark.

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    • Posted by 3 years ago
      That is a beautiful poem. Please share your poem about your dog. I think a lot of us dog lovers would enjoy a kindred verse. I am working on a painting of Molly.
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      • Posted by $ jlc 3 years ago
        Thank you. I wrote him a poem every month for 11 months - still working on the 12th month poem. Here is the one I wrote last April.

        Silver on the Hill

        On the hillside where you used to run,
        The wind bends silver seedheads in the sun,
        Rippling with every breathy motion,
        Like waves across a green and silver ocean.

        I can almost see you running, after rain:
        A dark path showing passage through the grain.
        But now that path is empty; grass is still.
        You’re on the other side of that green hill.

        I hope it’s Spring there, on the other side -
        Wide sunlit fields like those we used to ride,
        No Stygian caves where midnight rivers flow,
        Run forward, limned in love, where’er you go.

        Summer’s here; the grass is turning brown,
        The squirrels are fat and lazy in their ground.
        I barely see your path, although I strive,
        You ran off and left me … still alive.

        Janet L. Chennault
        20-24 April 2018
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 3 years ago
    Sorry to hear that...in your arms is the best way to go...there is no guilt either. The last four Maltese, 16-18 years old...died in my arms...they went peacefully and content.
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    • Posted by 3 years ago
      Yes, I agree. Molly's last second of life was when she raised her head gulping for air, she paused for a split second and she looked straight into my eyes with her beautiful soulful eyes and then she died. I will never forget it. I knew that she knew how much I loved her. It was one of those life events that I would not trade for all the money in the world.
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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 years ago
    Very sad for you. Molly was given a wonderful life.
    My wife and I have grieved Kirby 13 yrs , Maxwell Smart 13yrs, Callaway 9 yrs, Mulligan 12yrs .
    Never again , it is too hard to lose them certainly part of our family.
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  • Posted by term2 3 years ago
    I have two rescue Pitt bulls. They are instant judges of character. I feel very safe around them, know they will protect me. They also know I will protect them
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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 3 years ago
    My Corgi turns 10 next week, and in the past couple of months, is showing his age, dragging his back left leg until he gets to a full walk.
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    • Posted by 3 years ago
      In Molly's last year, she started having convulsions and she walked sideways and tripped a lot. Me and my husband carried her a lot on our hikes because she just couldn't walk for long periods of times or distance. I loved carrying her and would give anything to be able to do that again.
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  • Posted by dukem 3 years ago
    Interesting that such a group that everyone knows is composed of cold-hearted objectivists can independently express their deepest feelings in public among a group of people we do not know.
    Of course, we DO know one another at a very deep level, and this particular thread is evidence of who we really are and what we care about.
    It is quite moving and refreshing to read these stories, all almost identical to my story, and my feelings.
    Thank you.
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  • Posted by $ skidance 3 years ago
    Yes. I lost my beloved Princess to lung cancer in 2009. Subsequently, I adopted two more (now three) adorable felines, one of whom died in 2014 of HCM/saddle thrombus. These losses were devastating. I still tear up when I think of them. My pet loss therapist was told me that the loss of a dear pet is so difficult because there's no ambivalence--which usually exists when we lose a human.
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  • Posted by GaryL 3 years ago
    This is the sad part of having pets. They become an integral and very much loved member of our family but they are rather short lived. The number of pets I have buried is outnumbered by the numbers of tears we have shed with each and every one of them. My solace comes from the knowledge that every dog who came to live with us lived a wonderful life but they were all liberal democrats that never had to work for food, shelter or the best of health care.
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  • Posted by dukem 3 years ago
    I had two dogs and two cats late in life, in my sixties. Two have passed (first dog and first cat) in my arms. It was the same feeling as when my parents died 60 years ago. I cherish all the time I have with our current dog and cat. It is impossible to describe the bond with animals, for me at least.
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    • Posted by 3 years ago
      It is such a strong bond. I go to her grave several times a day and talk to her. And yes, I admit I talked baby talk with my Molly dog. She was as sweet and innocent as a baby. The same with my other doggies.
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  • Posted by bobsprinkle 3 years ago
    Mine was a golden/lab mix For 12 years we were known as the old man and his dog. Got him at 7 weeks old. His name was Jake. I had to have the vet come to my home for the procedure. I am an ornery blustery old cuss. It has been almost 6 years but even as I write this, eyes are wet.
    I am 71 yrs old. Don't know who would outlast who if I got another.
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  • Posted by Lnxjenn 3 years ago
    I lost my cat in 2012, at her ripe age of 14 to kidney failure. She had been through a lot with me over the years. I had her since she was a kitten!! And she put up with me for that long. I like to think of her as my familiar and best cat! I cried when I lost her :( i felt guilty too... Iknew something was wrong, but could never put my finger on what... by the time I got her to the vet, it was too late! I'm told there wasn't really much they could have done, but didn't help with feeling the guilt of not doing something sooner. I lost my other cat to the same thing a couple years later. sad: I got them two years apart.. and they died two years apart. Both of them brought so much joy and love in my life. Baby used to wake me up during the tornado drills! hahaha. (I worked nights. so wasn't fun to be woken up by my cat when the alarms were going off!!) At least I knew, she loved me enough to wake me up in the case of an emergency :) I miss her fuzzy butt... I held the nights before she passed away. Actually put her down for the last day. I lost her around thanksgiving. I foolishly thought, let her hang on until then, and let her have her last taste of turkey.... She always got turkey for thanksgiving... I miss her :(

    Selphie, my second one., she was the goofiest cat next to my current cat! I honestly think she thought she was a kitten until she was about 10 years old! haha.

    my current cat is the love of my life... He's just as goofy as Selphie was. He's given me drama! He went missing for about two months when he was a kitten. I thought he might be dead... but one day got a call from a lady about mile and half down the road about a kitten. She said "I think i might have your cat". I raced home from work and stopped by! sure enough, it was him! :) he was so happy to see me! I am so overjoyed he wasn't killed. I'm not sure how many lives he has left, but I spoil him rotten because of it!!
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  • Posted by Herb7734 3 years ago
    My current dog is a beagle. She just turned 11. Her face has turned white and she's now a Little Old Lady.Of all the dogs I've ever had, she is the best. They were all good, but Bella is amazing. Smart, easily trained but still, lots of personality.I could write a book about her. So, I think I can understand how you feel. 19 years? you're lucky to have had Molly that long. I've always said that if dogs aren't allowed in heaven, I'm going to hell. (Probably anyway).
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 3 years ago
    Sad. Sorry for your loss. Seems like she had a nice a life and passing as a dog could hope for.

    We keep labs, typically 2-3, 3 now. The first two we had passed away some time ago. My favorite, is 95 lbs, 100% muscle, and wants to do what you want him to do so bad, he will shake if he doesn't understand. He is 13, and can still catch a Frisbee, but will no doubt be moving on in the next year or so. Fact of life.

    He is still a viable father, and I'd love to breed him. He has a pedigree as long as your arm, which I don't really care about, but that's the we he came.
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    • Posted by $ jlc 3 years ago
      I made the mistake of not breeding Lucifer. Please be wiser than I was.

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      • Posted by $ Thoritsu 3 years ago
        Thanks for the push Jan. My wife is dragging her feet. I'll redouble my efforts!
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        • Posted by $ jlc 3 years ago
          One of the two GSD's I now have, I got off craigslist because I had tracked down (by dint of staking out a stranger's house in Sylmar) the owner of the brother of my dog. I bought a fertile bitch so that I could at least have nephew-pups, but I could not convince the owner to take his 13 year old (note age, Thoritsu) dog to the repro vet to have a sperm donation. His dog died suddenly. My bitch came into season...the next day!

          If your wife is dragging her feet, then take your excellent dog to the nearest reproductive vet Today and get a sperm donation frozen. Do not make all of the mistakes I have made!

          Jan, likes to be emulate for the good stuff only
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  • Posted by exceller 3 years ago
    I buried five Abyssinian cats. In fact they have been cremated and all I have left of them is the small cedar box containing their ashes.

    I love Abyssinians and had them for companion for the past 30 years.

    The first and oldest was Ammon, a Ruddy, died in my arms when he reached 14 years. He had cancer and I was hoping till the last moment that it'll will relapse and he'll live a few more years. The last three days will always haunt me as he was desperately fighting to live.

    His brother Rameses, a Red, died the year after. Hermes, a Blue the following year.

    Then we brought it two baby siblings, Zeus and Orpheus, gorgeous little Abys. Orpheus had a heart attack and I found him dead when I returned home one day. He was only 8 years of age. Zeus is still alive.

    When Orpheus died I desperately tried to fill the void which may not be the best thing to do but I thought Zeus needed a brother, so I brought in a kitten from a cattery. He was 6 mo old and came down with IFP (Infectious Feline Peritonitis), an incurable viral disease that took him in a month.

    I know what you are going through: I never recovered from the loss of either of them. They were each an integral part of the family and the pain of losing them never goes away.
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