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Posted by AFT 8 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I'm very happy to have landed in the Gulch...as I am just about to finish the book.
I have found that it resonated with me, in so much as it articulated my philosophy on life.
I said Australia is a socialist country 20 years ago, and find it hard to comprehend how people don't see it.
My search on the internet over the years has uncovered Cultural Marxism, and the leftist, collectivist agenda, which I saw around me but didn't quite understand and certainly couldn't articulate to the standard of knowledge in Atlas shrugged or the "alt right" movement on the internet.
I am definitely right of center in politics, and a strong believer of freedom and the right and responsibility to face the consequences of your actions good and bad.
So I hope to find an enlightened arena where I can bounce my ideas off and work through some philosophical ideas.
Thank you everyone, I look forward to the thorough discussion of ideas, and hope to develop my understanding.

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  • Posted by EgoPriest 8 months ago
    Hello AFT, welcome.

    Here is a video introduction to Ayn Rand's philosophy: https://youtu.be/hlJD0i_WwdQ.

    In this video, philosopher Leonard Peikoff presents the essentials of Ayn Rand’s philosophy to a group of students, then answers their questions. Peikoff, who was Rand’s friend and associate for three decades, is the author of Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand and is the preeminent authority on her ideas. This presentation, recorded in San Francisco in 1995 by the Ayn Rand Institute, features a 42-minute lecture followed by a 33-minute Q&A session.

    Questions and Answers:
    0:45:21 Q&A#1: How can selfishness be compatible with respecting other people's rights?
    0:48:09 Q&A#2: Does the term "objective" have different meanings?
    0:50:17 Q&A#3: Who would regulate the economy under laissez-faire capitalism?
    0:54:53 Q&A#4: Are people programmed by the culture they are raised in?
    0:57:57 Q&A#5: What will happen to the needy under capitalism?
    1:02:55 Q&A#6: Does government have a role in disease control and education?
    1:06:11 Q&A#7: Who would fund medical research if government didn't?
    1:08:35 Q&A#8: How do you know that reason is the only means of knowledge?
    1:11:27 Q&A#9: In what sense is religion opposed to morality?
    1:14:05 Q&A#10: Can our senses fool us, as in the case of optical illusions?
    1:15:15 Q&A#11: Why do virtues have to be practiced consistently?
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