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Director of Guardians of the Galaxy James Gun was fired by Disney when perverse and vile tweets came out revealing that he could be a pedophile. To his credit James Gunn admitted to the tweets (how could he not) and explained that it was all in jest and he's never done anything like that in reality.

My opinion, A man or woman posting anything or expressing in any way that he is thinking this way relating to children reveals a serious disturbing mental disorder.

I find it very disturbing that actors and "fans" are coming to his support and trying to leverage Disney into re-hiring Gunn. Disney may be soiled from its original family fun and wholesome entertainment reputation but at lest it has limits.

A recent discussion on FB in the SYFY channel page has reinforced what the NFL has hammered home countless times: If you entertain us people will overlook just about anything, apparently including mentally raping children, and you can do whatever you want.

This world just gets more an more disgustingly messed up the longer I live.

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