How do you define "Propagandist"?

Posted by freedomforall 8 months ago to Ask the Gulch
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A few days ago I was asked my definition of "propagandist". My answer follows.
Propagandist, noun,
Journalist (or other person well known to the public) who (a) makes excuses for abuses of power, undeclared wars, invasions of privacy, murder of innocent US citizens, etc, (b) goes along with actions clearly not representative of the wishes of the people, violate the constitution, reward, instead of punishing, the guilty actors, (c) help to cover up such actions by introducing misleading issues of no relevance, (d) criticize and inaccurately defame those who don't agree with the journalists personal bias, (e) support any unfounded attempt to remove a legally elected president from office and support unfounded investigations by prejudiced state employees who have a previous history of biased judgments, (f) pretends to represent the opposite of their own bias while actually conceding that side in almost every discussion, (g) write scripts for broadcast entertainment that consistently misleads and ignores reality in favor of the writers' biases.
It's likely I could list other actions that qualify these forked-tongued traitors as propagandists.

I'd enjoy hearing how other Gulchers define propagandist.

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