Hi, my name is Matt Franke, late on the intro.

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So I realized that I never checked in on the intro page, so here I am. I signed in first day, and just jumped in I guess. So here's my story.
My search for bright minds brought me here. I am younger and happen to think that I may be one of the greater minds of my generation.(I trust that isn't to egotistical for anybody here) I do not say this because of a particular genius pertaining to math, science, or technology; on the contrary, I am probably fairly average. But compared to most anyone I know within 10 years of me (with very few exceptions), my senses of reality are sharper, my ability to reason and think for myself are well-exercised, and my desire to live honorable and at peace with others is well above most that I know. I have a motivation and a work ethic unmatched by any of my acquaintance's. I've been told I have an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture, and make connections in incidents and thoughts that most would miss. I have no time for TV or fiction reading. I want things that are real, not the distractions of modern life. I seek to use my senses to know the reality of things. I see life kinda like a puzzle, in which many smaller, seemingly separate things piece together to make an objective picture. Or perhaps, as a very tangled ball of string. If you look at the whole mess, it seems to be unknowable. But if you take the string and start at one end, dealing with one knot at a time; you will soon find yourself at the other end of the string, and it will all make sense.
I believe that a person is free to do as he pleases so long as what he does is not violating anyone else's rights. I believe that a man should only speak truth, and be true to his word; one must honor their contracts and do all that they say they will do. One should never use their voice to spread lies, or gossip for the purpose of causing discontent. I believe that a person should always do their best in anything they do. I believe in maximum liberty for all, except for those who willfully abuse their liberty to better themselves at the expense or violation of another's rights. I believe in the concepts of natural law, that rights come with existence, and are not given to us by the Constitution or any other entity; and therefore, cannot be taken by any entity.
I believe that there is a war against the people of Earth, a war for our sovereignty, for our minds, for the product of our labor, for our children. A war against our senses, our health, our pocket books, our businesses, and our families. Bombs and bullets have mostly been replaced with GMO foods, tainted vaccines, and massive levels of propaganda bombarding everyone through their TV, computer, and phone, with social messages that are contrary to our better reason and insult our senses. The world is kept in check through divide-and-conquer technics that have been used through time. Class, race, sex, and religion have been used to keep people from joining against tyranny time and time again.
We must stop letting them treat us like children, and start acting like sovereign, sentient beings, who rule ourselves with reason and logic, live with self respect; and know that with Individual Sovereignty comes Individual Responsibility. We all have the divine right of kings to rule over ourselves.
Let's act like it.
I encourage everyone to eat natural and healthy food, for nutrition is the true preventative medicine. Avoid highly processed food and GMO's. I would skip on the shots, drugs, vaccines, and doctors in general at all cost.(you know, unless your arm got cut off or something). Sickness, disease, and mental defects, (i.e. depression, anxiety) are not caused by a pharmaceutical deficiency. Grow a garden, which will produce fresh healthy food; as well as nurture a strong back and mind.
Think for yourself and never be afraid to question anything. Although, one should always seek to broaden their horizons, and look at the experiences of others, to see what truth or value they could add to his reality. I think that there must be some element of truth in all things. (science, philosophy, religion, people's opinions) The task comes from sifting the wheat from the chaff, and finding those kernels and figuring out how to mix those in with our belief structure without causing any contradictions. I personally, am still working out a few, but Objectivism seems to me to be a useful tool to aid in that perpetual search for truth. That is why I am here. To bounce around ideas, to sharpen my ability to debate, and maybe discover a previously unknown truth to me; or show the unknown to another. I look forward to it.
I am John Galt. I will stop the motor of the world.

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