Come to our yearly No Whites Allowed event, unless you’re white

Posted by  $  Solver 9 months ago to Education
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“One year ago, members of the Evergreen State College community asked white people to leave the campus in a “day of absence.” Those who refused to give into such demands sparked uncontrollable outrage from event planners and a chain of events led to mass chaos, national media coverage, and the exit of a few faculty and staff.
You’ll remember students stormed a faculty meeting, disrupted classes, roamed the campus with baseball bats, blocked students and staff from leaving the library, and successfully demanded that campus police give up their guns.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 9 months ago
    The state: Revoke their charter.
    Feds: Withdraw government funding.
    Students: Find a place that educates and teaches merit-based productivity instead of offering biased brainwashing and racist propaganda.
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