Tansforming America

Posted by Herb7734 2 years, 4 months ago to Politics
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Start with Obama's pledge to transform America.Here are his Radical liberalism actions: Identity politics, millions of illegal immigrants, chain migration, overstayed visas, Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States.Judicial acquiescence right up to the Supreme Court, and a war on Christianity and Judaism The use of free speech to advance Islam but no one else.Control Silicon Valley.Ally with Facebook, Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Protection of speech where government has a role, but not private enterprise.Mount a drive to force Trump out before the end of his term by getting the house and senate in majority by January 2019. Have the left control the media by devotion to Linda Sarsour's anti-semitism and feminist extremism which makes it a sin to have been born a male, hoping for science to come up with a way to fertilize without men.Of course, no religion except Islam.

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