In Celebration Of April The First

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Yeah, good 'ole April the First is comin' right up, is here or is recently done gone, depending when you read this.
Me dino loves April the First. Was on the back gate tower operating the sally port plus a walk-thru from the shake-down room during the first shift of April 1, 1997, when I thought up my best April Fool's prank ever. I was letting in a fellow corrections officer when I called out, "Hey, ya hear that a piece of the Hale-Bopp Comet hit the Gulf near Cuba? It's on the news that the splash-down caused a 30-foot-high tidal wave that will hit Panama City (Florida) just before noon. Everybody there is causing traffic jams trying to get the hell out of Dodge!"
Psst! Me dino figured a yet still catastrophic 30-foot tidal wave (I had seen PC several times) would be more believable than, say, a hundred-footer.
That 'un spread like wildfire throughout the prison. A transport officer even told my tale to the deputy warden, who said, "What's that? Some kinda April Fool gag?"
When I got home, I told that gag to my future ex, who plucked up the phone to call some future ex in-laws. That renewed Hale-Bopper spread like wildfire, too.

Well, that up above was told to get y'all in the mood for honoring good ole' April First with the music of Led Zeppelin. Yeah, Led Zeppelin, one of the greatest rock bands ever in my humble opinion. That's what awaits below in the link. The music of Led Zeppelin.
"When The Levee Breaks" strikes me as an appropriate Led Zeppelin song. So, Led Zeppelin music here we come~
Methinks a couple of them musicians could get into wearing ponytails for performances.

The above was brought to you by the then hot for in the news 1977 New Orleans King Tut Exhibition. Those in charge of that solemn presentation reported a huge jump in attendance after the following promotion of its archeological science appeared on TV~

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