The Horror File

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When Rand and Branden were co-editing the "Objectivist" they had a column that would show up every now and then called "The Horror File." It gave examples of the intellectual level that "today's" culture has become. It was taken from articles found in various periodicals of the time. The examples I have chosen which seemed most appropriate today are from March 1966.

METAPHYSICS. With a realistic view of corrupt human nature, America was founded upon a profound skepticism about the concentrations of power, and in particular, governmental power. We believe then, in our system of government, not because men are good, but because they are not; Not because men are pure , but because they are corruptible."
EPISTIMOLOGY: "Men are busied today in lifting the jewel of human vision out of the mire of logic."
ETHICS:"But there is another law that is not in nature, that is, not in raw nature;namely, "We who are strong should bear the infirmities of the weak and not please ourselves."
ESTHETICS: Henry Moore made no attempt to explain what his sculpture symbolized. "You don't set out with a literal idea" he told a press conference. "You make it and the explanations come afterward."PSYCHOLOGY: "Reasoning is not as the Ancients thought, the power to think logically while rigorously expelling all irrational feelings from one's mind.Rather it is the rare ability to accept and understand such irrational feelings and to make them work in harmony with one another."
Every one of those makes me want to jump up and answer to the dunderhead who expressed those words. But, it does illustrate how little has changed in the past 52 years.

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