Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide

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This review sums up everyone who needs this guide,
“A few years ago, as I was studying for my master's degree in engineering, I had the inspiration to sit in on a Women's Studies lecture. Never in my academic career have I been so profoundly affected. Truly, the depth of logic, critical thinking, and openness to challenging views displayed by the professor was unlike any other educator I had ever encountered. Having been exposed to the quality of scholarship one can only find at my university by auditing one of its Women's Studies lectures, I knew I would never be able to truly comprehend the subject because of my thrice-be-damned white cis-gendered male heterosexual privilege. Wallowing in full-time employment and chained to my role in the patriarchy as a husband and father, I had given up on ever truly grasping the profound moral and philosophical core behind the modern social justice movement, progressives, and those who understand the true worth of pursuing diversity for its own sake.

Enter Michael J. Knowles. In this poetic work, I have found what my heart has felt, but my words could never express. He captures the very soul of the Democratic party with a profundity of insight I never would have thought to find in a fellow cisgendered male. This is more than the petty political rants that dominate the bestseller list. Within these pages lies the fundamental substance and logic behind placing equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, defining one's beliefs according to the content of one's loins or the melanin levels of one's skin, accommodating and inviting mass immigration from cultures that hate us, and the ultimate truth that every material necessity is a fundamental human right that the government must provide at the expense of the 1%...

Note: This book is a collection of blank pages

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  • Posted by $ 2 years, 3 months ago
    Did anyone notice that all the chapters in this book are blank? It is a brilliant humorist individualist idea. An effective freedom of expression! This book became a #1 best seller on Amazon. The author made money!
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  • Posted by $ 2 years, 3 months ago
    One of the best books ever written that describes, in detail, the logic behind the collective mind of the left.

    "A great book for your reading enjoyment." (Tweet from President Donald Trump)

    "Thorough." (Ben Shapiro, New York Times bestselling author of Bullies)

    “Michael Knowles perfectly documents what's inside the minds of Democrats. A real page-turner!” (Michelle Malkin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Sold Out)

    “I read it twice!” (Dennis Prager, New York Times bestselling author of The Ten Commandments)

    “Brilliantly argued! You will not find a more enlightened defense of liberalism. Ever.” (Jason Mattera, New York Times bestselling author of Obama Zombies)

    “Insightful, yet remarkably easy reading!” (Guy Benson, bestselling author of End of Discussion)

    "The most efficient way to learn about the issues that Democrats really care about. This is a must read." (Katie Pavlich, New York Times bestselling author of Assault and Flattery)
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