Arpaio and Gun Control

Posted by Herb7734 12 months ago to Politics
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While I'm a 2nd amendment type guy, there are certain aspects of gun control that are sensible and don't lead to slippery slopes. Former Arizona super conservative former sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for the Senate., and that means a probable 2nd amendment battle. A lot of New York and other eastern libs have been moving into Arizona, making the gun issue a race tightener for sure. This is a winnable Republican seat if it is played to the right constituary.In order to get Ray Moore elected instead of Arpaio, Democrats from Sanders to Ellison are proclaiming on MSNBC and CNN that the 2nd amendment is sacred, and invioble now and forever. If they are being truthful (doubtful) then reasonable gun control measures make sense such as 1) No Gun Free Zones anywhere 2) Immediate execution of mass killers as terrorists 3) No playing games with criminal trials giving leftist lawyers forums. It is war, whether you are willing to admit it or not, and in war, you kill the bad guys.

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