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  • Posted by PartnersForHealthyLiving 6 years, 3 months ago
    This is well articulated and a powerful, though actually understated, dramatization.

    The challenge though, is that it focuses on the problem in a seeming effort to produce an inflammatory response in the viewer rather than on educating the viewer. As such, it is also part of the problem.

    The mistakes made in the narrative of this production include:
    1) making people (not just their misguided ideas and the horrific actions that flow from those ideas) wrong, and...
    2) not clearly distinguishing between the rare and unrecognized examples of people demonstrating real values and virtues [such as those who honestly and sincerely seek to earn their way in the world by innovating, creating real values that advance what is possible for ALL of humanity, and offering them through voluntary exchange (with a minimum of government lobbying, mostly for defense) like Apple] vs. the ubiquitous examples that posture in the name of "capitalism" [such as businessmen who copy and steal the works of others and seek to use the power of force (by lobbying or staging a coup to benefit their special unearned interests, destroying anyone in their path who doesn't agree with them) like Samsung and Trump and millions of others].

    There is a reason that James Taggart is a chief villain in Atlas Shrugged.

    Without these distinctions, "capitalism" gets a bad name and those who rally against the 1% seem justified. Those who operate by the standard that "he who has the gold makes the rules" and can force "their way" onto everyone else are just as immoral as those who rally for social justice by government force. Both are examples of non-objective law running riot, and the swinging of the pendulum between the two is inevitable.

    Unfortunately, this video does little to help the viewer understand the real heart of the matter. As it is, it could be classified (not without merit) as being part of the problem, promoting "us vs. them," the blindly blaming, hating and destroying divisiveness and subjectivism of our cultural degeneration, instead of as being part of the solution, inviting the viewer the understand the distinctions, become educated, "convince and persuade," and lovingly aspiring to another, more civilized way based on objective reality... which is what our culture needs so very much right now.

    THE TRUTH IS that we are in a crisis of the Primacy of Consciousness vs. the Primacy of Existence. Without a clear understanding of this as the basis, any discussion such as this can easily degenerate into an argument of "whose" arbitrary consciousness gets to set the terms.

    Viewers on both sides of the aisle, who don't already understand that this is the core issue, are left with inflamed, misguided, righteous indignation... and without the power to make a difference. Let's resolve to be part of the solution, to point the way forward in everything we do.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 6 years, 3 months ago
    Me dino would contribute money I can sensibly afford toward having this video appear as a TV ad.
    (I was grinning with delight when Ayn Rand appeared).
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  • Posted by Herb7734 6 years, 3 months ago
    Envy and Victimhood, the twin eaters of honor and integrity.And yet, they are revered. Not with those very words but with the actions of those who employ them.What is rarely understood is that the wealth and accumulation are not the aims, but the side-effects of the superior human's accomplish the goals set in whatever field of interest that he has.
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