How Hillary's dream becomes Nikki's reality

Posted by Casebier 2 years, 8 months ago to Politics
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Hillary/DOC -> Russian spies paid for fake Trump dossier -> dossier used to trick FISA court to allow FBI to spy on Trump and his team members -> dossier used to infer relationship between Trump team and Russia triggering an investigation that’s used to force Sessions to recuse himself -> Deputy AG Rosenstein steps in to create a Special Investigation on Russia interference in the 2016 election and names Mueller to head it -> Mueller hires anti-Trump lawyers to lead the investigation including one whose wife worked for the company that created the Russian dossier for Hillary/DOJ -> Special Investigation committee uses info obtained with FISA warrant to charge Flynn with having lied to the committee for something he did that was legal -> DOJ busts Flynn financially forcing him to plead guilty to having lied with deferred sentencing in exchange for his cooperation -> Flynn has nothing to offer so they keep him on a string by continuing to postpone his sentencing -> Nunes finally has enough and issues “the memo” showing that the Flynn prosecution and the Special Investigation committee is based on a FISA warrant wrongly obtained -> Sessions orders Inspector General to investigate the Democrat Party/dossier/FBI/DOJ/FISA Court warrant -> Independent IG returns scathing report of conspiracy to use the FISA Court and prosecutorial indiscretions for political ends -> Flynn’s attorneys have his plea vacated based on the evidence used to charge him having been acquired with a wrongly obtained FISA warrant -> Rosenstein and others resign or are fired -> Mueller investigation is closed down and written off as perhaps the biggest conspiracy ever perpetrated by executive officials, including Comey, in the FBI and DOJ using the shield of the Department of Justice to wrongly investigate and accuse a Presidential candidate, President Elect and the members of his Executive -> Hillary walks free but is further discredited as a future political candidate after the IG reviews her approval of the Russian uranium deal for Russian $$millions donated to the Clinton Foundation -> Trump completes his first term after achieving all his initial goals (or at least getting them underway), realizes he has nothing to gain by spending another term in office and doesn’t run for reelection -> Pence is elected President with Nikki Haley as VP and also decides one term is enough -> Nikki is elected the first female President of the United Sates; thanks Hillary in her acceptance speech.

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