"'Censorship' is a term pertaining only to governmental action. ... " - Ayn Rand

Posted by GaltsGulch 2 years ago to The Gulch: General
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"'Censorship' is a term pertaining only to governmental action. No private action is censorship. No private individual or agency can silence a man or suppress a publication; only the government can do so." - Ayn Rand

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  • Posted by $ mminnick 2 years ago
    As a private individual I can't stop you from saying or writing what wever you want. The government has the power to put you away if you say or write something they don't want you to.
    I can/may sue you in a court of law and win money or get an order to have you stop but I as an individual have no legal power to make you stop.
    I think that is what Ayn Rand was getting at.
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