What would our forefathers think?

Posted by CaptainKirk 2 years, 9 months ago to Politics
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I often like to think about bringing people from the past to today and having them seem how far we have come. To hear their comments.
Imagine Socrates seeing TV and learning that we made it to the moon, simply by reasoning through all of the problems!

But lately, I started thinking more in terms of our forefathers. What would they say and do? What would impress them, scare them, bother them?

After some thought here is my take. The would at first start out in Awe of everything. Electricity, Flights, Internet, Cell Phones, Devices. The speed of everything. Satellites, GPS, etc.

Then they would watch the news. And I imagine the frustration would start there. They would certainly ask for a history book or two, and I am certain they would get to around 1912/1913 and say: THERE IT IS! That is when America was broken and Derailed!

We said 3 things:
- Congress, and not a Central Bank shall be responsible for Coinage
- No Graduated Taxes... And you created Income Taxes which are QUITE OBVIOUSLY Graduated
- Congress must pass all the laws

You gave the power of the purse to the richest and most evil people, and they enslave you while distracting you with this toys!
You allowed INCOME to be taxed? Who does that? Only BANKERS! You borrow MONEY from the Central Bank to run your government.
DID YOU NOT READ about the Boston Tea Party? Taxation without representation? We fought and DIED to avoid this. You welcomed it.

And now you can be convicted of a felony based on a "law" that is really just an IRS code, that the Congress NEVER Read, agreed to, and the President never signed into law.

I was going to ask to see how the education system was setup, but since the last three adults I bumped into could not read my time piece to tell the time, I think I know what that looks like. You hired somebody who hated the United States, and let them teach our children. Making them read nonsense, but probably never making them actually read the Constitution.

I need to go back to my time... This is a crazy and backwards world. We need to emphasize community and local governance.

How else could it go?

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  • Posted by $ mminnick 2 years, 9 months ago
    They might go a generation further in their study. They would get to FDR, the jump to Johnson et al and finally Obama to see how the socialist view was planted and grown.
    It is not clear how they would view Mr. Trump not enough record yet. I think they would have a better view of him than Obama, but that is not clear yet.
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  • Posted by coaldigger 2 years, 9 months ago
    I think we could ask them to explain some of their actions as well. I admire our founding fathers more than any other group in history but their own mistakes led us to where we are today. Hamilton was the greatest American statist and the founder of the first central bank. Washington, Jefferson, Madison et. al. preached liberty and equality and owned slaves. I realize that these may have been necessary compromises based on expediency and the times but they corrupted the principles of the institutions they created. Finally, WTF were they thinking with that loosely worded Commerce Clause?
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    • Posted by 2 years, 9 months ago
      A few things. We all agree slavery is bad. But it was lawful at the time. Just sayin'

      A Central Bank is NOT the problem. One that uses Debt as its basis is. Not clear on how Hamilton setup his central bank. I am okay with reserves, and even with leverage. I am NOT okay with it being based on Debt, and in the end, private ownership... Where our Fed sent like 13 TRILLION out without mentioning it. What is the interest rates to these other banks? Why when our government needs 1 Trillion, we have to pay interest for 30 years, but these other banks got Trillions with little or no interest.... Because it is self serving.

      As for any clause in the constitution. They could NOT have foreseen the corrupt judicial attacks that relabeled interstate commerce as "intra-state" commerce. And "regulate" did not mean to strictly CONTROL... It meant to simple assure it worked.

      Again. Everything NOT explicitly given to the Federal Government was to be the States. EXCEPT we had 200+ years of attacking that to weaken it.

      The one thing I wish they added was the something to the extent:

      The American People will own their government, and NEVER they other way around. The Federal Government will not be able to encumber the people or the property of the United States. Right now, our government has enslaved us to pay back debts that ONLY government officials have agreed to spend. I don't think that was EVER a thought for our founding fathers... But then again, I am sure they never expected an Income Tax or a Banking Cartel that calls the shots.
      Roughly: 6 Big Banks, 6 Media Companies, and 6 Energy Companies... all controlling the 3 critical areas of our life (What we see, Our Money, Our Energy).
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