What's Up with The House?

Posted by  $  mminnick 10 months ago to Politics
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An interesting not of the Passage of The New Tax Bill. In the House the first time the vote was 227 - 203. the second time it was 224 to 201. Less voted the second time . In both instances, there were less total votes than members of the House. Where were the absent members? Why weren't they doing their job?

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  • Posted by  $  10 months ago
    I noted that there wre 12 Republicans voting against. They came from New York, New Jersey, California and one from North Carolina. Do you see a pattern? Three of the 4 are the most high taxed states in the Union. They claim the No vote was because of the limited exemption on State and Local taxes. I'm not sure those "gentlemen" are that principled. Perhaps Rep Peter King (R-NY) but the others I don't know and from some of therir votes, don't want to know.
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