The Party of Looters & Horndogs

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This sign is about the Democratic party:
The Party Of
Looters & Horndogs.

The Democrats are in a panic. The tax reductions will be implemented, the Mueller's Russian FBI investigation is falling apart and their new desperate play of being a defender of women against sexual predators is based on political calculus and hypocrisy. The Democrats are like a dog that steals your sandwich and then humps your leg.

In my Sign 367 on: "Dems. Nightmare: Tax Plan Works & Makes Party Irrelevant.", I said: "The Democrats are setting up themselves for complete failure. If the tax plan goes thru and the economy, GDP growth rates and wages improve; then the Democrats arguments about Keynesian economics, the need for minimum wage increases and even redistribution of wealth becomes irrelevant." Later I said: "The Democratic Party will lose what they claim is their moral high ground; as the core of the party of "using common wealth for the common good" becomes completely irrelevant."

The Senate and the House tax reduction plans got zero Democrat votes. Nancy Pelosi called the tax bill "The worst bill in the history of the United States Congress." Later in her statement she said: "No it is the end of the world ... this is Armageddon." The Democrats are pushing a rhetoric of who will pay for the tax cuts. This is from Democrats who ran up the national debt by $9.3 trillion under Obama's 8 years in office. The Democrats assumption is that all wealth belongs to the Government. In reality, Tax cuts don't cost money, it simply leaves more money in the hands of tax paying citizens. The real question is who will pay for all of the Government spending. The swamp has a very bad credit rating. The Democrats know that Trump will shift later to spending reforms, their sacred source of vote buying

Without the Tax bill, (status quo) over the next 10 years the government will spend $51.4 Trillion and collect revenues of $42.1 Trillion which would add $9.3 Trillion to our national debt. The Tax bill under the CBO stagnant scoring rules adds $1 Trillion to the debt over 10 years. But these scoring rules assume that the Tax plan doesn't affect the economy, our growth rate nor collected revenues. Here is the empirical evidence of the 3 tax cuts in recent history:
- Kennedy tax cuts of early 1960s increased government revenue 14% over 3 years.
- Reagan tax cuts of the 1980s increased government revenues 50% over 5 years.
- Bush tax cuts of the 2000s increased government revenues 39% over 5 years.

Tax cuts increase government revenue because they improve the economy. In simple terms the Republicans want to grow the pie and reduce the governments slice. Democrats believe that government always needs a bigger slice for Democrat social programs. Nancy Pelosi just said the only way to decrease our debt is to raise taxes. What an idiot! The Democrats fear that the tax plan works and the economy improves, employment further improves, take home pay and wages increase and that people are generally happy and Donald Trump is reelected. I think it's a very likely scenario.

How do the Democrats stop this "Armageddon"? They turn to the cornerstone of the Democratic party of "using common wealth for the common good". When the concept of the common wealth is threatened, they need to strengthen and redefine the common good." They need to definitively capture the moral high ground with a major voting block.

And along comes the sexual predator accusations against Hollywood, the media and Senator Al Frankin and Representative John Conyers. The Democrats force the resignation of both Frankin and Conyers and take the position that the Democratic party now has new found morality and is a supporter of women and that Republican should take the same position and that Roy Moore should withdraw from the Alabama race and that Donald Trump should resign (Bernie Sanders is stating this). That is the real play, to destroy Donald Trump and either impeach him or destroy any option for reelection.

In Minnesota, if we had a Republican governor, Al Frankin never would of been forced to resign as the Democrats would of lost the Senate seat. This is about political power not about defending the rights of women. Such hypocrisy! Let's not forget the biggest horndog of all politicians was Bill Clinton. Here is a list published in the American Thinker Nov 25th of politicians, media and Hollywood supporting the Democratic party of sexual accusations that have received media attention:
(I know that there are many Republicans accused of sexual harassment issues including Bill O'reilly at Fox news and the President. I would publish that list also if I had it. I am sure the Democrats are working on it.)

- Adam Venit, actor talent agent, groping, Democrat donor
- Al Frankin, Senator, sexual misconduct, Democrat
- Al Gore, VP & Presidential candidate, sexual assault, Democrat
- Andrew Kreisburg, Hollywood producer, sexual harassment, Democrat donor
- Andy Dick, Comedian and actor, sexual harassment, Democrat Donor
- Anthony Weiner, NY Congressman, Sexting underage teenagers, Democrat, serving 21 months in jail
- Ben Affleck, actor, sexual harassment, Democrat donor
- Bill Clinton, President, rape and sexual misconduct, Democrat
- Bob Weinstein, Harvey's brother, sexual harassment, Democrat donor
- Brett Ratner, film producer, rape, sexual support, Clinton supporter and donor
- Brock Adams, Former WA Senator & Congressman, rape, sexual assault, Democrat
- Charlie Rose, TV talk show host, 8 women accused him of exposure & sexual groping, Democrat donor
- Dan Schoen, State Senator of Mn, sexual harassment, Democrat
- David Wu, Former OR. Congressman, sexual harassment, Democrat
- Dustin Hoffman, Actor, sexual harassment & groping a 17 yr old intern, Democrat & Clinton supporter
- Ed Westwick, actor, rape, Obama supporter
- Edward Kennedy, MA. Senator , sexual assault, manslaughter, Democrat
- Eliot Spitzer, former NY Governor, patronizing prostitutes, Democrat
- Eric Massa, NY state representative, sexual misconduct, Democrat
- George Takei, actor, sexual assault, Democrat activist
- Glenn Thrush, NY Times Reporter, groping, sexual harassment, Obama supporter
- Hamilton Fish, Publisher, sexual harassment, Progressive publisher
- Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood producer, rape, sexual assault, Democratic mega donor & activist
- James Toback, film director, 38 women accused him of sexual assault, Democrat donor
- Jeffery Tambor, actor, sexual assault, Obama supporter
- Jeremy Piven, actor, groping, Democrat, Obama and Clinton supporter
- John Besh, CEO of Besh restaurants, sexual harassment, Democrat donor
- John Conyers, US Congressman, sexual harassment, Democrat
- John Edwards, NC Senator, VP and Prez candidate, convinced mistress to have an abortion to avoid a scandal, Democrat
- John Singleton, movie director, sexual harassment, Obama supporter
- Kevin Spacey, actor, sexual misconduct toward males, mega democrat donor, activist
- Knight Landesman, publisher, sexual harassment, Democrat donor
- Leon Wieseletier, editor at New Republic, sexual harassment, progressive writer
- Lockhart Steele, VOX media director, sexual harassment, Democrat writer and donor
- Louis CK, comedian, sexual misconduct, Democrat activist
- Mel Reynolds former congressman, raped a 16 year old girl, Democrat
- Michael Oreskes, Senior VP at MPR, sexual harassment, Democrat
- Neil Goldschmidt, former OR. Governor, sexual harassment, Democrat
- Olive

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