Complications Proliferate Like Bacteria

Posted by Herb7734 10 months, 3 weeks ago to Government
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Let us say that Senator. Verybright has come up with a new concept., and it becomes a law. Other envious Senators add complications to it such as procedures, when to use it and not to use it, etc. Each additional complication gives birth to many mini complicationsand each complication requires more experts if the newly created area spawned by the new law. This is called the Peter Principle. A law formulated by Laurence J. Peter as a joke which turned out to be a real useable law.We've all seen it happen dozens of times. Make that hundreds of times.It is as sure to happen as an open wound becoming infected by thousands of bacteria.If at any time, you want to emplloy as many workers as possible when utilizing a new idea, simply complicate it with as many rules and procedures as possible and as your complications multiply so will your need for more worker beesto enforce themright to when you hire the last person, who actually has nothing to do because his complication is totally unneeded.The Peter Principle illustrates how work tends to expand in order to fill the space available for it. In order to make a simple concept look more grandeloquent, jus load it up with lots of rules and procedures sort of like a restaurant baked potato, it may look more ompressive, but will not work nearly as well . Too much "bacteria."If the infection is allowed to spread, it will eventually kill the usefullness of the law's concept, altogether.

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