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Posted by flanap 6 years, 5 months ago to Technology
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I am sure many agree that there are world powers directing major events over the world to their own end...so be it. Now is where the controversy begins...

I believe the Bible, in God, Jesus Christ, and that there is a Prince of the Power of the Air (Satan), roaming the world and is so immensely arrogant that he thinks he can become like God.

That being the case, I believe that all the peak oil scare and energy independence ties perfectly in with GRIN advancements (genetic, robotic, AI and nanotechnology) in that since Satan's minions running the world tangibly want to advance themselves through technology, someone (supposedly the surfs who are us) will need to run the technology and that will take energy derived from oil and gas reserves.

I completely do not think we are even close to running out of oil and gas, but we are being told we need to get off of it for the fallacious idea that using it is harming the world and will shorten our lives. The real reason is that they want the energy for themselves so they need to reduce our dependence on them to make the shift much more palatable.

Additionally, the internet will be Satan's counterfeit of God's omniscience and omnipresence which God inherently possesses.

How does this tie in with AS, Ayn Rand and the like? Well, you make your own choice and I will make mine...mine is to believe in absolutes (like God and the fact that Ms. Rand actually lived) and view the world from the perspective of He who made it in the first place.

Just a thought...

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  • Posted by  $  kathywiso 6 years, 4 months ago
    The plan to control the masses is to take control of every necessity in your life, food, water, air quality, fuel, your property, any way of defending it (guns), your hard earned money, your inheritance and your brain by teaching communist ideas in our schools. How many of these things have already been taken over. Then there is the media, who do not report facts, but what they are told to report as facts.Global warming ! Obamacare is 2500 pages of control... No, I don't believe we are out of anything, just being controlled.
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  • Posted by khalling 6 years, 5 months ago
    Technology is a tool. It can be used for good or evil. Technology is how we increase our human happiness, including longevity, health, education, wealth, environment etc.
    Unfortunately, it can be used by people for evil purposes (eg. UN taking over the internet-big brother).
    Peak Oil is a misunderstanding of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and of how technology evolves. The Earth is not an isolated sytem, nor the solar system, nor the Universe. All peak resource/environmental arguments are based primarily on this misunderstanding.
    In AS, the argument was that the country/world was in a "crisis" and it was not fair that one person or group controlled a "needed" resource. For your reference on the concept of "peak", please see:

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  • Posted by  $  terrycan 6 years, 5 months ago
    There is always someone trying take control. I believe the most dangerous groups are the socialists in our country.
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    • Posted by 6 years, 4 months ago
      Do you mean collectivists? I think there is a difference, unless it doesn't matter for the discussion.
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      • Posted by khalling 6 years, 4 months ago
        Collectivist is a larger umbrella under which socialists fall. Terrycan can elaborate, but I believe he feels that socialism seems more innocuous than self proscribed communists on the surface and so has taken a stronger foothold in our country with the result much the same: the death of the Constitution of the United States by a thousand cuts.
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        • Posted by  $  terrycan 6 years, 4 months ago
          Collectivism, Socialism, and Communisum all overlap. The result is about the same. I wonder if true communism has no money. Would another approach be making money into something worthless. Like paper?
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