What Happens When You Give Money to The Parties?

Posted by rbroberg 4 years ago to Politics
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I did an experiment to see what would happen if I gave Donald Trump, the Libertarian Party, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders an undisclosed and small sum of money for their respective campaigns. The results were: two pictures of Donald Trump (megalomaniac or Nietzschean egoist response), a Libertarian Party pin and an occasional newsletter from the same (self-promotional form of a certain tribe of social activism), possibly one hundred calls from the DNC asking for more (the largest brand/tribe of social activism -- this amounts to begging someone for money and then telling him how to spend what's in his wallet), and emails about grassroots liberal campaigns in my area (simple unification of looters). The truth is, Facebook now has no idea how to classify my politics and that is exceptional. Minus the DNC calls.

I have done many social experiments out of fascination. I have protested a war with Communists, I have voted Democrat, Reform, Republican, and Libertarian. I have stood with a petitioner seeking signatures for Health Care Reform. And I learned a lot.

The Communists like to feel special or like a novelty without earning anything; what is there to earn? The Reformers like to feel pragmatically altruistic. The Democrats like the buzz of feeling progressive, of feeling like a disenfranchised group, in denial that their ancestors in the civil rights era were as different from each other as ancient and modern Greeks: they share the same alphabet, some words, notions, but little else. The Republicans feel schizophrenic about whether they want to be left alone or tell people what to do; harkening to Rome they wish to establish an empire and reject the Magna Carta. The Libertarians want freedom to make money and party with it, and like partiers who deny the fact that they ruin themselves with novelty and reject the hierarchy inherent in conceptual thought.

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  • Posted by chad 4 years ago
    There isn't anyone that I would support as a ruler. Any man who understands the moral superiority of liberty and free agency would never choose a leader and if he was chosen to be a leader would immediately abdicate. Ron Paul and Rand Paul made a swing at it but like the others were really saying what people wanted to hear to get votes. Once they lost they softened their rhetoric from eliminate the Federal Reserve and IRS to let's audit them to find out what they are doing. I am certain no one is getting anywhere near their ledgers and will never have any influence in their behavior. The only way to control any bureaucracy is to eliminate it.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 4 years ago
    Before me dino became enlightened about the swamp, I gave some little money to the GOP.
    I also gave some little money to the Tea Party before it became evident there is no singular Tea Party but a bunch of stuff out there that passed my name, location and phone number around to each other. Once I joined the Tea Party only to be scolded for not joining the Tea Party one month later. Yeah, right.
    Me dino is so glad I have Caller ID. All I have to do is push the red button and my Vonage device stops ringing. Any of y'all reading this want to donate money to some cause? Use your pen to rub out the phone number on your check.
    I'm also glad there are plastic grocery bags that fit in the little trash can beside my desk. I toss far more of those bags into the rolling dumpster compared to the 30-gal garbage bags I buy weeks apart. Many are the envelopes I toss into the little trash can unopened.
    Two days ago one of those unopened envelopes sought money to keep Trump from being impeached.
    "Bull crap," me dino muttered to meself. "Harlequin Hair laughs at idiots who wastes time trying to impeach him."
    What do anti-impeachment people really do with donated money anyhoo? Spend it on sea cruises? Pay off mortgages? Go Christmas shopping this time of year?
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  • Posted by GaryL 4 years ago
    Donating to a political candidate or party, any and all of them, gets you a permanent position on what I call their Suckers List. I donated to the Trump campaign which in reality is the RNC. In return the RNC added me to their list and spent my donation money to work directly against Trump. Anyone who thinks the RNC is working hand in hand with our President needs to buy a piece of my ocean front property in AZ. The voters of Alabama picked Judge Roy Moore to be their republican Senator in the primary. The republican party (RNC) spent close to $30 million against their own party candidate and are still against the will of the people.
    To say that politics is a dirty, rotten, filthy game is a world class understatement. Democrats stick together like rats following the Pied Piper and Republicans suffer from gender dysfunction trying to figure out what or who they are. None work for US!
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  • Posted by $ blarman 4 years ago
    I view the political parties and their apparatus as the single biggest mistake made by the Founders - and they embodied it in the 12th Amendment. I'd like to see both permanently disbanded and the Twelfth Amendment rescinded.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 4 years ago
    This rings true, and it makes me think I'm supporting evil by going to their events. They're a circus, and sometimes I help pay the bill. My theory has always been that behind the circuses are grownups, and it's good to have access to them, but I don't know anymore.

    "Libertarians want freedom to make money and party with it,"
    This sounds good to me, although it's not just party. Money is the way free people relate to one another.

    Unfortunately, the Libertarians are as much of a clown circus as President Trump. I have a feeling there will be a backlash against clownishness, but I'm afraid it will be a backlash against reform too.
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