Galt’s Gulch PRODUCERS ONLY ASP3 Premiere

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Galt’s Gulch Producers are hereby cordially invited to join Producers John Aglialoro, Harmon Kaslow, Joan Carter, and Scott DeSapio in Las Vegas on September 6th to celebrate the completion of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy at a PRIVATE GALT’S GULCH PRODUCERS ONLY PREMIERE screening of “Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?”

We may even have a few surprise guests - you never know who else might show up at the event. Who is John Galt?

If you’re already a Galt’s Gulch Producer, you’re in - there’s no need to do anything else except book your trip. If you aren’t a Galt’s Gulch Producer yet, sign up now for a one year Galt’s Gulch Producer membership and we’ll see you in Vegas.

Event Details for Galt’s Gulch Producers:

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Tickets to the Galt’s Gulch Producers Only Premiere are free for Gulch Galt’s Producers; Travel, lodging, and other expenses are not covered.

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