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ov. 22, 2017, 6:38 a.m.
Palm Beach, Fla.
Trump calls LaVar Ball, father of freed UCLA player, an ‘ungrateful fool'
Associated Press)
President Trump started off his first day of Thanksgiving vacation Wednesday by resuming his taunting of the father of a UCLA basketball player detained for shoplifting in China, calling him an “ungrateful fool.”
In a series of tweets fired off before dawn, the president complained yet again that LaVar Ball, father of LiAngelo Ball, hasn't given him credit for the release of his son and two other UCLA basketball players after they were accused of shoplifting while in China for a basketball game.

Tweeting from his Florida vacation home, Trump said: “It wasn't the White House, it wasn't the State Department, it wasn't father LaVar's so-called people on the ground in China that got his son out of a long term prison sentence - IT WAS ME.”

“Too bad! LaVar is just a poor man's version of Don King, but without the hair,” he said, referencing the flamboyant boxing promoter with a conviction for manslaughter.

Trump also warned that Ball “could have spent the next 5 to 10 years during Thanksgiving with your son in China, but no NBA contract to support you” had it not been for his intervention.

“But remember LaVar, shoplifting is NOT a little thing. It's a really big deal, especially in China,” he wrote.
The president also retweeted a post from Joey Mannarino, a U.S.-born radio host living in London, who echoed the statement: “The ungratefulness is something I've never seen before. If you get someone's son out of prison, he should be grateful to you. Period. I don't care. If Hillary got my kid out of prison, as much as I hate the woman, I'd thank her corrupt ass.”
LiAngelo Ball and two UCLA teammates were released after a brief detention in China while Trump was visiting the country. Trump has taken credit for the release, saying he discussed the situation with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Trump had previously said he should have left all three players in jail because LaVar Ball hadn't thanked him publicly for his intervention.
LaVar Ball, whose eldest son, Lonzo, plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, has repeatedly minimized Trump's involvement in winning the players' release, telling CNN earlier this week: “If I feel nobody did anything, I don't have to go around saying thank you to everybody.” All three players have been suspended from the team.

Trump is spending the holiday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where he stressed he'll be “having meetings and working the phones” and not just vacationing.

Trump also spoke out against the idea of keeping NFL players in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem as a response to some players refusing to stand to protest racial inequality and police brutality.
“That's almost as bad as kneeling! When will the highly paid Commissioner finally get tough and smart?” Trump wrote. “This issue is killing your league!”

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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 11 months ago
    A tree just wanted to show the world why its apple fell into a Chinese jail cell.
    Me dino knows a married couple whose two little boys could do no wrong. I had a problem with them messing with my outdoor Christmas lights.
    My future ex got all wide-eyed, begging me, "Don't go over there! I know those people!" She did. The mama of those darlin' boys is her cousin.
    Their two little boys grew up into teenagers who bashed in a man's brains with baseball bats. Both the victim's eyes were bugging out.
    Tried as adults due to the seriousness of their second degree murder charge, they pleaded not guilty with the argument that their victim had a nasty mouth and had said mean things to them.
    Their victim was a grocer who did not allow skateboarding on the store's parking lot. Still states a sigh there. So there ya go.
    A guilty plea would have bought them poor picked on young fellas less time. Ttheir arrogant parents were all for the not guilty plea.
    I mean, don't ya know? Their little babies could only be as pure as fresh-driven snow.
    Sentenced to 35 years in prison, they were shown on TV being pulled from the courtroom screaming and crying for their onlooking weeping mama.
    That was over 10 years ago. Their "10 years possibility of parole" has come and gone.
    I'm told they keep getting into fights. For some elusive reason, me dino bets they always say it is the other guy's fault.
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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 11 months ago
    Trumpet is right and I'd be pissed, if we had an honest and responsive media his tweets would of been unnecessary.

    What many do not get these days is that it is Not America at fault these days, certainly Not her ideals for that alone is what we celebrate; not the government, not the corrupt polititains nor the uninformed and sadly miseducated, disempowered voters, but the notion that properly moral and educated conscious humans could in fact, rule themselves.

    I venture to say that even today's culture, as bad as it is, does not, in and of itself, disprove that notion.

    Never give up, for that path, that goal, is certainly righteous and achievable given the will to do so.
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    • Posted by  $  11 months ago
      One can share their wisdom of conscious moral behavior but the avg Joe has seen his leaders bend and break rules for decades .To many, PC is the moral compass . Ayn Rand had it right .To live your life by acting in your own ethical self interest.
      Ethical egoist. The concept of egoism — an ethics of rational selfishness that rejects sacrifice in all its forms. Selfishness, however, does not mean “doing whatever you please.” ... Rand's moral idea of Selfishness — a virtue? Ayn Rand chose this book’s provocative title because she was on a mission to overcome centuries of demonization. “In popular usage,” Rand writes, “the word ‘selfishness’ is a synonym of evil; the image it conjures is of a murderous brute who tramples over piles of corpses to achieve his own ends . . . and pursues nothing but the gratification of the mindless whims of any immediate moment.

      We are a generous species and partly driven to assist , possibly from our needy and dependent Childhood . This approach when supported by free market capitalism rational education and with out the crony bullshit. This creates an innovative vibrant happy productive people with a benifit to all!
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      • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 11 months ago
        That has been my observation of mankind and conscious humans throughout history, independent from rulers, politics or ideologies.

        I see Rand's use ego and selfishness as shoving it into the faces of idiots and their antilectual made up connotations. But when I began to tie many things into that equation in my book, I came up with "Cellfishness" which goes to the very roots of who we are and how living matter is created.
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 10 months, 4 weeks ago
    At first, (before they were got out), I had grave doubts about those 3 guys getting a fair trial in a Communist state. I was glad Trump got them out. I
    understand that since then, they had confessed that they had stolen (or tried to steal) the sunglasses. Shame on them. (But then, was it a private store--or do those even exist over there?--or a state store?--But even if it was a state store, how does an American, not being a tax-payer to the Chinese government, have any right to shoplift from it?)
    ---They might have been subjected to cruel tortures if Trump had not gotten them out. And they begrudged him even so much as a "Thank you"?
    --Still, Trump does not make himself look very good by going on about not receiving his "Thank you". It's not all that gentlemanly (not that I ever expected much gentlemanly behavior from him).
    But it's still grossly ungrateful on the part of those
    punks (at least, that's what I consider them). And another thing: what if another American citizen gets kidnapped or imprisoned in some other dictatorship or police state? Is President Trump likely to be very interested in springing the prisoner in that case?
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  • Posted by chad 11 months ago
    Not only should he thank the president for what he did he should be apologizing for his sons behavior to the Chinese and to the president for putting him in the predicament of having to ask for a favor for something that the son shouldn't have been doing no matter where he was.
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  • Posted by wiggys 11 months ago
    lonzo ball is NOT what laval ball thinks he is as a ball player.
    I suspect that magic Johnson knew that and was hoping for development in the pros. this guy lasts maybe 2 years in la. then the father says the lakers team didn't play with his son. then who ever picks him up will be the next nba champions according to the father.
    the second son will not be at another college anytime soon and I think ucla is really not interested anymore.
    what is real is the fact that this father is his children's worst enemy as well as him being his own worst enemy. it is time that the sports networks let him rest.
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  • Posted by editormichael 10 months, 4 weeks ago
    As Paul Harvey used to say, Here's A Strange:
    look up Don King and at Wikipedia is a photo of him labeled "at FreedomFest 2016."
    Now, first, I couldn't and can't imagine Don King being invited to FreedomFest, so I looked up the list of announced speakers. Here it is, and no Don King that I could see (although the at least formerly slimy Ed Asner IS listed!):
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  • Posted by ycandrea 11 months ago
    President Trump needs to grow up and stop having temper tantrums. There are a lot more important things to use that energy on.
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    • Posted by  $  10 months, 4 weeks ago
      I like to think of it as a quarterback faking a handoff to the right halfback as he bootlegs left for an end around.
      You essentially shift attention away from your real intent.
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