Each One - Reach One (with Ayn)

Posted by jalibah 9 years, 8 months ago to The Gulch: General
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Read AS in 1982 and it scared me - I've read it over a dozen times since and listened to it four times. I bought the CD version (50 discs!) and mad my children listen to it over one summer - a disc or two each day. They dreaded it but then couldn't wait to hear the next disc. I speak of freedom and the evils of statism, but Ayn was the one who reached them. They laughed at the movie because it was so poorly written. They had the greatest novel and creed ever written and the story was botched. I gladly offer my services for the third script so we can salvage the soul of the story and its message . . . and maybe it could be something my kids would show their friends. Bob (author of "EarthPigs" - the greatest movie no one has ever seen)

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