How Marxism is Wrong

Posted by rbroberg 4 years, 1 month ago to Government
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Marxian economists claim the path to Marxism is through governmental control. That is correct. The means through which this is to be accomplished is worker solidarity. Marxists plan to increase the influence of unions to the point where economic profit is abolished in favor of a central authority allocating the fruits of production. Even a passive reader of Rand's work comes to understand this key element of Marxist theory. So let's look at highly unionized industry and determine the result of this approach: teaching.

Teaching through 12th grade is almost completely unionized in the US. What are the results? The education system of the US is ranked 14, behind 1st and even 2nd world countries. The countries at the top most likely succeed one of two ways: compulsion or incentive, or perhaps a mixture of both. And let's not get into HOW we are ranked low. Let's instead ask how we are ranked low in public general education and yet have the best universities on the planet. A word arises: competition, which is the macroscopic result of incentive.

Incentive is a word Marxists will never use. Rather, their jargon does include "competition". But the word competition is used in the phrase "competition for scarce resources", which then leads to the other phrase: "concentration of wealth". The word incentive properly understood indicates the driving force behind the market economy: the creation of wealth through productive faculties. Marxism, as an altruistic religion, cannot conceive of the concept "incentive".

That's because Marxism is based on a fundamental flaw. Marxian political economy is like looking at piece of dead tissue under a microscope and then extrapolating that up to form the concept of man. It is also like looking at a thermodynamic equation and expecting to understand chemical kinetics. The political economy of the Marxist is severed from reality because it does not include a proper understand of the concept of MAN. Rand understood this, and, as a result, was able to determine what politics is appropriate to a rational being. The institutionalization of control is avoidable.

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