Teen beats up his teacher in front of the class

Posted by  $  nickursis 3 weeks, 6 days ago to Culture
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here is a good example of what is wrong in our culture, where a 16 YO attacks his teacher. I realize this will never be reported or discussed in media because to do so would be "racist" but facts are facts. No student should ever even have the inkling in their pea brain they can get away with this...
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  • Posted by gharkness 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    Yeah, you can say what you want about rednecks and uneducated white folks, but my mother was a teacher in deepest East Texas, back in the 60s and 70s (and 80s). I can tell you for sure, anyone who had challenged her physically, or even verbally, would have gotten their butts whipped by OTHER STUDENTS in very short order. She never, ever had reason to feel unsafe in her own classroom.

    Even though she died more than ten years ago, I still hear from her former students who have sought me out on Facebook, once they realize who I am.

    Maybe things haven't changed all that much...because it's definitely a big world and experiences are different, but I'm pretty sure nothing like this would have ever happened to my mother.
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  • Posted by hvance 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    Anyone surprised that this happened? What with our school boards folding their tents when threatened by lawsuits and having zero backbone it will continue. Absolutely no discipline at home will lead to hand to hand warfare with the street mentality that these thugs learn. They walk around with a chip on their shoulder from what they consider a lack of respect and blow up at a moment's notice. Where did they learn this lack of respect thing? From our pro athletes and their, the pros, blowing up on the court and on the field and costing their own teams a win just so they could get respect. It won't stop until families are restored and consequences are worse at home than in the courts. Sadly I see little chance of that happening.
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  • Posted by term2 3 weeks, 5 days ago
    Another example of entitled people. I am so done with all of this entitlement, and Obama was the worst president we ever had for encouraging and promoting entitlement among blacks and women.
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  • Posted by pamzt 3 weeks, 5 days ago
    Any guesses why it's hard to get teachers to work in city schools? The parent(s) or lack thereof, are the root of the problem.
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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 3 weeks, 5 days ago
    ~and moving this 2017 Milwaukee Hall of Shame Ceremony on to the Dysfunctional Families Category, the Putrid Parenting Pugnacious Punk Award goes to~
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  • Posted by Herb7734 3 weeks, 5 days ago
    There were a number of teachers I would have liked to tell off, but the thought of hitting one of them never occurred to me.Even telling a teacher what an ass he/she was , would never come from me even though, they deserved it. It wasn't so much that I was afraid as it was that it just wasn't done.Students neither hit nor talked back to teachers. It would immediately turn you into someone to be shunned. A criminal in the making. Times have certainly changed.
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  • Posted by Eyecu2 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    I work as a high school teacher at a Alternative education program and face a room full of similar kids everyday. Thankfully we have 4 officers on staff daily and at the first inclination of trouble I call them in. After 3 or 4 get tasered they seem to calm down a lot. I find it funny to watch them flop around and piss themselves.
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
      That just seems so wrong, and today..so normal...yet the "concerned citizens" are too damn wrapped up in Trump, Global warming, racism, KKK and getting Hillary Beast in office to worry about something like needing to taser 3 or 4 students to get control...like that's a bad thing...
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      • Posted by Eyecu2 3 weeks, 4 days ago
        The nice thing is that rarely do more than 1 at a time have to get tased. Normally it is over the course of the year. They talk and things settle down for the whole school for a month or so. Then you get a new bunch of hard heads and it starts over.

        The kids are at my school are all criminals but thats why they get sent there.
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  • Posted by jdg 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    I can somewhat see both sides of this. Teens who don't want to be in school should have the option to just walk away. Then if they behave like this, just kick them out permanently. Let them deal with the consequences.
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
      jan, they never do, they get into gangs kill people and then get defended by the same people tearing down statues, because the "system failed them". No responsibility, no self values, when it can all be blamed on "the system".
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    • Posted by Eyecu2 3 weeks, 4 days ago
      If part of the consequences of walking away were PERMANENTLY blocking them from any Governmental assistance it migjt work. Otherwise they walk and get rewarded with a check to boot.
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      • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
        That would be an excellent way to do it, we just have to lock up all the people who think that providing all kinds of things that they do not own or pay for to all kinds of people who do not deserve it, makes them feel so good inside, for a few minutes or so...
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  • Posted by STEVEDUNN46 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    when boys have no father figure at home they substitute their male peers on the street. that is where the mentality comes from.
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    • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 4 days ago
      That easy generality fails to address the other aspects of matriarchal homes. It also begs an analysis of the "nuclear family" of the 1950s in contrast to the larger and extended rural structures of the previous half-century.

      "Good night, John Boy..." on the one hand versus kids you do not want to be like such as Eddie Haskell and Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford - whose father was always lusting after June - and poor Larry Mondello whose father was a soldier killed in a war.
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
      Could be, they do have a gang/macho thing going in many, many neighborhoods, groups and families, as I have heard from several black friends who try hard to keep their kids out of it.
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      • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 4 days ago
        The "gang/macho thing" you mention is common in African-American culture because they inherited it from their White Southern masters. It is the culture of honor that allowed duels into the 19th century and brings disproportionate numbers of White Southerners into the military.

        The context is complicated because culture is complicated. The easy generalities posted here do not address the depth of the problems.
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        • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
          I would disagree, I would say it is more of the irresponsible behavior of both males and females in black community's, where females learned to breed for more welfare, males didn't care who they bred with, as no one wanted, or got support money. You have generations of pregnant women, who then have generations of boys with no father figures, or intact families. They then gravitate to the gang as a substitute family and follow their ethical and behavioral codes. It becomes an entrenched culture that is then appropriated as needed by industry for clothes, music, and entertainment. Whitney Houston is an excellent example of that scenario and the destruction it causes. Bill Cosby spoke of it often, and chastised black men for irresponsibility and poor role modeling, and after he did that, magically, a herd of women show up accusing him of rape and pillage from 30 years ago.
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          • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 3 days ago
            Most of the women on welfare are White, and I am not sure what that says about "White culture."
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            • Posted by freedomforall 3 weeks, 2 days ago
              "Most of the women on welfare are White,"
              I question the basis of your statement.
              According to this report (allegedly from the US Commerce Dept):
              Welfare Demographics -----------------------------------------Percent --------Total Number
              Percent of welfare recipients who are white / caucasian ...16.8 % ........ 11,405,000
              Percent of welfare recipients who are black .................... 39.6 % ........ 26,884,000
              Percent of welfare recipients who are Hispanic ............... 21.2 % ....... 14,392,000
              Percent of welfare recipients who are Asian/Pac.Islander 18 % ........ 12,220,000
              Percent of welfare recipients who are Other / Mixed ......... 4.4 % ......... 2,987,000


              I wonder about these stats, too. The Asian/Pac.Islander number is larger than I would have expected.
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      • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 4 days ago
        Allow me to suggest that you read about the heartbreak of John Adams, whose second son, Charles, ended life early as a drunkard. But, John Adams was also off to a rough start: "Adams' reflections on early education were in the negative mostly, including incidents of truancy, a dislike for his master, and a desire to become a farmer. All questions on the matter ended when his father commanded that he remain in school saying, "You shall comply with my desires." Deacon Adams also retained a new school master named Joseph Marsh, and his son responded positively." - Wikipedia. (His father fired the teacher and got one the little darling liked. What if that were the case today? What would you say?)

        At Harvard, Charles Adams fell in with a gang of delinquents who were expelled after rioting. A violent gang at 18th century Harvard? Perish the thought...
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        • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
          Sorry, but I am not getting that from Wiki, his son dies at age 30, and all I found was:
          At the age of nine, he traveled with his father and older brother John Quincy to Europe, studied briefly in Passy, Amsterdam, and Leiden. He matriculated in Leiden January 29, 1781.[2][3]

          In December 1781, Charles returned to America unaccompanied by family members. After graduating from Harvard University in 1789, he moved to New York City, where plans had been made for him to work in the legal office of Alexander Hamilton. Shortly after, however, Hamilton was named secretary of the treasury and Adams moved to the law office of John Laurance to continue his studies.[4]

          On August 29, 1795, Adams married Sarah "Sally" Smith (1769–1828), the sister of his brother-in-law, William Stephens Smith. They had two daughters, Susanna Boylston (1796–1884) and Abigail Louisa Smith (1798–1836). Abigail married the banker and philosopher Alexander Bryan Johnson; their son Alexander Smith Johnson would become a judge. At the age of 37, Abigail Louisa died of uterine cancer.[5]

          After struggling with alcoholism for many years, he died in New York City of cirrhosis of the liver on November 30, 1800.[6]. Adams was buried at First Presbyterian Church in Manhattan.

          Bottom line is: All children learn from some role model or another. If a child is left with no male role model, then he will gravitate to whatever is available, and hence the "gang mentality".
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          • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 3 days ago
            Sorry, wrong Adams failure. It was John Adams II, son of John Quincy. Thanks for making me dig. I love research.
            "John 2d entered Harvard in August 1819. His academic career was marked by mediocre work and participation in student rebellions. The most serious of these occurred in 1823, shortly before he would have graduated. Along with more than half the members of his class, he was expelled."

            Allow me to still use the example. Was this student riot an example of "Puritan on Puritan violence" that no one wanted to talk about? Was it a result of the "culture of violence" with bred during the Revolution? They had gangs such as the "Sons of Liberty" who dressed up as Indians and destroyed private property for a so-called "protest" if we want to interpret it that way.

            What if half the graduating class at an urban high school rioted and were expelled? Again, Charles Adams dies an alcoholic and John 2nd is expelled for violence -- and from those headlines, we build a narrative about someone else's "culture."
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            • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 2 days ago
              I cannot really argue the facts you have, I just conjecture it possibly may also be that Harvard was being run by a bunch of elitists who arrogantly looked down on their lesser beings. Arrogant ahole seems to have been a qualifier for a lot of teachers, and ( I am out on a limb) the vast majority of politicians....
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 3 weeks, 3 days ago
    Excuse me, I regarded school as a sort of prison. I
    think I would have been justified in beating up my
    8th grade math teacher (the old b****). Perhaps the
    boy was wrong, but before agreeing, I would need to know more of the facts of the case.
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 3 days ago
      I don't know that experience, I never felt that school was a prison, more of something to just do, and try to do as good as you could. I am sure bad teachers have left their marks across many generations, and that is probably part of the whole equation.
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      • Posted by LibertyBelle 3 weeks, 1 day ago
        Oh yes, they have, you'd better believe it. I accepted school, and liked it, in the first grade; I had
        an ogre for the second, but was willing to pass that
        off as a bad experience (I believe that she had been
        there a long time; she was old; when I returned in third grade, she was gone;) I found third grade all right; in fourth grade, my interest began to pall; but fifth grade was what ruined it permanently for me. Previously, I had thought that you were supposed to learn your lessons in school, and then later to supplement what you had learned by doing some homework at home, a reasonable amount. But she turned the place into a homework station, where you went to dump your homework, and check it, and get more. After I got home, I would start to do home
        work at some time after supper, and (although I
        had previously regretted going to bed, wanting to watch TV, or read--I think I had been sent to bed
        about 8:30), I might, as I recall, be up until about
        10:00, wishing I could go to bed. And I don't re-
        call that the work was especially hard, mentally;
        it was time-wasting; copy this, copy that....So I
        started just doing part of the work, just to have something to hand in; chances were I could pass
        the next test all right. I did not see what right any-
        body had to turn me into a slave. And I still don't.
        By the time I finished fifth grade, I felt that they were the enemy, and their intent was to enslave
        us, and my attitude was like "Give them an inch,
        and they'll take a yard." Still, my grades were
        generally pretty good.

        The 8th grade math teacher wouldn't let me
        explain how I had gotten my (wrong) answer. I
        never believed that my answer was right and hers wrong; I just needed to know why, so I could avoid making the same mistake next time. She would interrupt, saying "[Name], there are some things you have to take on faith." What con-
        temptible garbage. If my answer was right, (which it most likely was not), she should have let me explain why. If her answer was right but she couldn't explain why, then she was unfit for her job, and shouldn't have been allowed to teach. I suppose you can't run a school where the kids can beat up the teachers and get away with it, since there would be no order. But don't
        expect me to automatically have any sympathy with a public school teacher who gets beat up in the class.)
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        • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 1 day ago
          I would not expect anyone to provide sympathy for a teacher who got beat up, I would need more data and it has been hard to find much on this story beyond what is posted. I would say it sounds like a pretty bad school system you were in, and I have had some teachers that were dumber that dirt and committed to their weird social algoritims, like one class my son was in, who had a kid throw a show at him, and the kid said he did it because he wanted to, and the school admin told me they could not punish the kid because he was special ed and they got double money for him and the state will not pay if they get in trouble. I removed my kid and homeschooled him.
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          • Posted by LibertyBelle 3 weeks ago
            Did you mean that a kid threw a shoe at your son?
            (Was there a typo?)
            "A pretty bad school system"? As a matter of
            fact, I am friends with my former 8th grade English(not math) teacher; I have talked to her on the phone about things in my old elementary
            school (which went through the 7th grade), and she asked me if that school were not Crimora
            (which closed a considerable number of years
            ago). I suspected from what she said that that
            particular school was somewhat notorious in the
            profession. When I was 15, I heard (I think it was
            in the summer), that my 5th-grade teacher was
            getting fired. My mother said it was because she
            didn't have a college education, and that there was no reason a 5th-grade teacher should have to have a college education. But I have read that it is very hard to fire a public-school teacher; if that is the case, maybe they were just looking for any excuse they could find. (As to private schools, I don't know one way or the other). But
            I was looked upon as a good reader; my 2nd-
            grade teacher (the ogre) thought it was amazing
            that I could read the library books in the bookcase at the back of the room. (This school had no library of its own when I was a pupil there;each class had its own "library", a collection of books). I could read easily because my mother,
            (who happened to be a high-school dropout) had
            taught me phonics before I went to school.

            Congratulations to you for doing what was
            good for your son, and getting him out of that hole.
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            • Posted by  $  3 weeks ago
              yes, sorry, shoe. It was stupid, and that was the straw that broke the back. I realized just how screwed the system was and why. I hard Atlas Shrugged several years later and realized AR was a prophet, who understood how bad people can really get....
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  • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    Several assertions are not factual. First, this was reported and discussed in media. Just put "Milwaukee student beats teacher" into your search engine. You found it in the NY Post, which is media, of course. The Guardian (UK) which caters to Americans carried the story. I found two Fox TV stations, one in Chicago and WGN-TV Chicago (nationwide on cable because they carry the Cubs).

    Do you know the movie, Blackboard Jungle (1955) - Glenn Ford, Sidney Poitier, Vic Morrow? If you wanted to be ideologically consistent, you would say that those hoodlums were empowered by the might-makes-right fervor of World War II.

    That claim is wrong, of course, but no more wrong than the down home country farm boy culture that denigrated all learning in the 19th and 20th centuries. Farm boys hit their teachers. It was wrong. But it was not caused by progressives afraid to discuss race.

    And that is another problem with the original comments to this story. As much as I dislike the concept of "race" the teacher looked sort of African-American, but in any view was not a blond person.

    Again my point is not to excuse or justify the action but to point out that the original comments and the yea-saying were all ill-informed.
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
      Mike, so you are saying that this incident received the same level of "angst" as Charlottville? Also the reports I saw were pretty much: "See video of kid attacking teacher" Mainly pandering the story as some kind of sport event. I did not see the intense discussion, the investigation as to why this kid whomped on said teacher, not or the whole background of why kids are doing this in classrooms across the country. My point being that there is always this readiness to scrutenize and castigate the people they WANT to do so to, and NEVER is there a similar effort to root cause it in all situations. The Charlottville thing has become a national excuse factory fro everything from why Hillary lost the elction to Trumps utter failure as a human, to why there ar no bigfeet in Georgia. Just the same way as Ferguson was used to get 2 years of freebies from guilt ridden people in government and out of it, yet here is what Wiki says about that deal:

      In response to the shooting and subsequent unrest, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) conducted an investigation into the policing practices of the Ferguson Police Department (FPD).[18][19] In March 2015, the DOJ announced that they had determined that the FPD had engaged in misconduct against the citizenry of Ferguson by among other things discriminating against African-Americans and applying racial stereotypes, in a "pattern or practice of unlawful conduct."[20][21] The DOJ also found that Ferguson depended on fines and other charges generated by police.[22] However, a separate DOJ report focused on the shooting itself was supportive of Officer Wilson and his version of events.[23]

      The DOJ was supportive of Officer Wilson. Yet all from the start to months later, the cry was all about the evil done by the cop, he murdered the black kid, and was an excuse for doing whatever they wanted, riot, theft, looting.

      This kid is doing the same thing. He has no respect for anyone but his gang bros, everyone else is a target. You keep him happy or he will attack you (usually with his stolen gun) or beat the crap out of you if he has a chance. The teacher looked shocked when the kid punched him, and then he gets on top and keeps hitting him, while the other kids were laughing. This was pure ghetto culture, black on black violence, that no one will ever admit to except when they wasnt to use it as "the failure of the system" or "they need more money " and all of it never change one damn thing.
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  • Posted by  $  Temlakos 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    A good friend, who happens to be a teacher, suggests this happened in the special class for emotionally disturbed students. For what that's worth....
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    • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 4 days ago
      I taught classes like that. About half really had "problems" and the others were just gaming the system to get out of work. I taught the Pythagorean Theorem and whatever else. They were just kids.
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  • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
    Again, I would say that there is a distinct issue with how things are reported, and here is an example:
    In an article where a food writer gets weirded out because people gave him feedback on an article about "Black Restaurant Week" in Detroit:

    And while none of my new pen pals will likely be joining the Nazis with their cheap tiki torches ablaze as they huddle around monuments of America's racist past, there is a troubling through-line that begins with “I just don’t want them to take anything away from me,” and ends with “You will not replace us.”

    " Huddling around monuments of America's racist past" means what exactly? Anyone who is not protesting the "right stuff" is a racist, their monuments racist, their lives racist? This is the propaganda that seeps even into a damn food idiot article. Yet black kid beating up teacher in class, no big deal...lets talk Trump and Russians and racist statues....


    And yet part of the propaganda and machinations: "Why do so many white people see any display of black solidarity or black excellence as a threat to white people?"

    Yet reword it:" Why do so many black people see any display of white solidarity or white excellence as a threat to black people? " Your house is burned down.

    This is the illogic of pure emotional, factless politics and emotionalism. And yet the real funny thing about this is there are so, so many other potential propaganda subjects they have yet to even recognize, such as the Spanish torture and total destruction of the South and Central American Indian nations, the oppression and destruction of our own Native Americans by Portuguese and British, just for a couple. As long as some historical issue is used to justify the present, this will go own and on forever, only maybe it will just flip 180 for a while and white kids will be beating up teachers (I am sure there all ready oodles).
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  • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    Old story. We had this happen in 1965 at Lincoln High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Tom Wolfe and his brother were cutting school to go to an Indians game. They were caught by a teacher. They punched him out and ran out the door. You can find stories of teens assaulting teachers from 1895 and 1865. It is not unique to our time and place.

    Every harm that runs through the news is not evidence of the collapse of civilization or the pernicious consequences of political progressives.

    The article is just another example of Facebook Trivia.
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    • Posted by Storo 3 weeks, 5 days ago
      My wife was a teacher for nearly 40 years. She retired in part because of this very sort of event.
      My daughter was a teacher for 5 years. She quit because of being given classes of over 50 students, many of whom felt empowered to physically challenge her in class.
      This phenomenon is not anecdotal, and is not an isolated incident. What do you expect to happen in our PC world when kids are indoctrinated to believe that white culture (and people) are evil and the root causes of their problems? There is no discipline in schools any more, and kids who do things like this are not held accountable, but have excuses made for them.
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      • Posted by Riftsrunner 3 weeks, 4 days ago
        I don't think it is so much a racial thing as a discipline thing as you said. My parents have stories about getting caught doing something out of bounds at school and getting punished (a talking to or perhaps a detention) and being afraid to go home because my grandparents would have lowered the boom as well. Today, it's the other way round, if the student gets any kind of discipline at school, their parents are at the school demanding the head of the teacher or administrator who would dare discipline their child. This has created an enviroment where the asylum is being ruled by the inmates because the teachers don't want to have to deal with these types of parents and the students know it.
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        • Posted by Storo 3 weeks, 4 days ago
          I agree. And I did not mean to imply that this is a strictly racial issue. But if one looks at the teachers who are attacked, they are overwhelmingly white. And our PC schools have put a target on their backs.
          Also, if the schools try to discipline a kid, the parents sue the schools, or threaten to sue. The school's attorneys tell them that it's easier and cheaper just to let the kid off, and/or cave to the parents than to fight them.
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      • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 4 days ago
        Lawsuits as well, with the costs of just one, where the parent gets "free assistance" and the school does not, it gets very expensive. Since the administrations are made up of entitled people who have served their time and got their PHd, and who know absolutely 0, they poop their pants at any mention of lawsuit from a minority, or racism, or any other controversial topic. Morals and ethical actions are foreign to them, so we get this crazy crap.
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 6 days ago
      While you may think so, it was not something anyone would do at my school, or my childrens school, maybe we just lived in a soft,comfy area. Also, what happened to Tom and his brother, were they told to "behave themselves" and sent back to class? I agree that the instances have been increasing, but that is not an excuse for it, or a reason to trivialize it. I find the fact students do this, and get away with it, rather significant in terms of how society will look at particular events and either brush them off, or have screaming meltdowns....
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    • Posted by evlwhtguy 3 weeks, 5 days ago
      The difference between your story and this one is that the perp's in your story smacked him and ran.....because they knew they did wrong. This scumbag had no remorse, he even stood over the KOd guy ...after beating him some more....so everyone knew he was the winner and had "Taken the field". This punk is a soulless POS Sociopath who will be coddled until he does something bad enough...like murder...to be put in jail. Scumbags are not unique to our time and place....but the reaction...or the insufficiency of it...is.

      The saddest part is that the authorities are so full of "White guilt" that they will by their inaction, encourage this and in fact the real looser will be the black community where this empowered POS lives.
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